GY6 150cc or 175cc Replacement Engine for the GY6 170cc Engine with Internal Reverse

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GUARANTEED FIT FOR DONGFANG, FALCON, CAZADOR, SSR 170 SIDE-BY-SIDE.  New GY6 175cc Internal Reverse Engine.  All mounting points are the same.

We convert our 150cc Type 6 Internal Reverse engine to a 175cc racing engine giving it more horsepower.  We start with our 150cc Type 6 engine, bore out the case and install a 62mm big bore piston and cylinder.

Option 1: 

  • Includes the standard 150cc engine and a new American made high performance Uni-Filter air filter ensures clean air to your engine.  See why a NEW Uni-Filter is MANDATORY for ALL new engines.  Don't get an engine without one. Your new engine warranty applies only if a new uni-filter is purchased with this engine.

      Includes High Performance Transmission for Better Power Transfer to the Wheels:

      This option includes High Performance Transmission: 1500 PRM Spring and 10 gram rollersperformance variator and high stall clutch and thus more torque and more power due to more efficient power transfer.  See price options at the top of the page.


      Includes four sets of roller weights for you to optimize top end speed and low end torque of your vehicle (9g, 10g, 12g and 14 grams).  One set is included inside of your engine.

      We convert a 150cc engine into a 175cc racing engine. 


      Read our article on how displacement relates to more power.
      How big bore kits & strokers work


      Stock GY6 Hill Climb 


      BDX 184cc GY6 Hill Climb


      We disassemble your engine, bore the case to make it larger so that we can install a 62mm big bore piston and cylinder.  Then we re-assemble and test your engine.


      OPTION 2: Includes all items from option 1 plus a plus performance exhaust:

      Performance Exhaust Combo:  The 184cc Engine is not available at this time but the 175cc racing engine with the performance exhaust will give you as much or more additional horsepower as the 184cc engine. This option also includes the performance transmission and the Uni-Filter. See price options at the top of the page.


      OPTION 5

      We can rebuild your engine.  Call us!

      Be sure to read our article on how displacement affects your power.


      Frequently asked questions are answered here.

      [*] 60 Day Parts Warranty
      Please read the Warranty details in the right-side column.

      No returns on engines.

      Engine is shipped DRY with no oil.
      Be sure to add 750ml of 10w40 to the crankcase and 120ml of 80w90 to the gearcase before starting.


      Remember to adjust valves after break-in period.