PowerPak Engine Upgrade

  • $233.00
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This is a $346 value when purchased separately but when purchase together as the PowerPak you get it for $296 and you save $50.  And if we are building an engine, you get installation FREE.

  • A12 Cam Shaft
  • High Stall Clutch
  • 115mm Performance Variator
  • Performance Exhaust
  • High Flow Uni Air Filter

With the PowerPak Engine Upgrade you get the most power out of your engine.

A12 Cam Shaft:  Our performance camshafts will change the power profile of your GY6 engine. There are different number codes for each type of camshaft. Generally speaking, the higher the number (e.g. A15), the more suited it is for low speed power production. The lower the number, the better it is for power at higher speeds. We offer camshafts A9 - A15.

High Stall Clutch:  This clutch unit engages at higher RPM with more force than the standard clutch. This helps during steep hill climbing, towing, or when forcing the front end up over large obstacles. This unit provides a better launch from a stand still as well.

115mm Performance Variator:  The 115mm and variators are designed with steeper roller ramp angles for an improved acceleration and hill climbing. The revised roller ramp angles delay the CVT up-shifting process until the engine's powerband is reached - starting at approximately 6500rpm.  This keeps you well within good power range even at low speeds, and optimizes acceleration RPM when flooring it.

Performance Exhaust:  Why does the exhaust add power?  With a stock exhaust your buggy is constipated. Much of your power is robbed from your engine trying to push out waste gases through a small hole.  Your engine is expending 10% or so of your power just trying to get the exhaust gases out through your muffler.  You hit the gas and want to go but you have a banana in your tail pipe holding you back.  Our performance exhaust is the laxative that allows you to flow freely and go freely.  WIth the performance exhaust get all of the power that you are paying for.

High Flow Uni Air Filter: This is our High-Flow Uni Filter Intake Kit. Original air boxes on GY6 150's usually aren't very good at filtering and leak an unacceptable amount of dust and debris leading to premature engine failure. This kit eliminates the stock air box altogether, mounting directly to the carburetor. This filter setup is hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water and is perfect for riding in even down pouring rain.