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12V 11AH Go-Kart, ATV, UTV Battery

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12 Volt 11 AH (amp hour) Rechargeable Sealed Lead-acid Battery
  • 5 7/8" long
  • 3 3/8" wide
  • 4 3/8" tall
  • Comes with the bolts and nuts to connect cables
In choosing a battery for your go-kart, buggy, atv, scooter or UTV the main thing to look for is AH--the number of Amp Hours.  The higher the number the more cranking time you will have in hard to crank situations.
Most manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers provide stock batteries that meet the bare minimum criteria to start you vehicle successfully but do not leave much room for hard to start situations.  Thus a battery may run down quickly in hard to start situations.  
It is best to pick a battery with more AH than the stock one that came on your vehicle.  This gives you more room for those hard to start situations.  Sometimes one is limited by the battery holder on ones vehicle.  Many owners go with a larger battery that does not fit down in the battery tray but sits on top of they tray and they strap it down.