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BDX Performance 232cc Custom made Super Buggy

BDX Performance 232cc Custom made Super Buggy

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This is our BDX Performance 232cc Custom made Super Buggy

  • 232cc Engine with
  • Performance Transmission: High Stall Clutch, Performance Variator, 1500RPM Spring, 10G roller weights,
  • Modified Engine: 67mm Big Bore Kit, +3.5 Stroker Crank, T-300cam shaft
  • Performance Electric System: 11 pole stator, BDX engine and chassis wiring harness
  • High Performance Uni-Air Filter, High Output Coil & performance CDI
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Rear Tires: Before 22” replaced with 25” tires
  • Front: 21” tire replace with 25” tires
  • 5 Gallon gas tank
  • $5,266.97

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