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This is now a plug-n-play upgrade. No rewiring is needed with the new included adapter harness.


  • 45% higher electrical capacity

  • 3-Phase System

  • Heavy Duty Regulator

  • Plug-n-Play Installation

Note: If you are installing the 11-pole stator upgrade on a Yerf Dog GX150 or other model with no headlight switch (that runs headlights directly from the stator), you must install a toggle switch to run your headlights after the 11-pole upgrade.

You'll need a GY6 flywheel puller to remove the original flywheel without damaging it.

45% increase in charging/lighting power.
Generates three-phase power which produces flat and consistant 12vDC signal.
Smooth regulated charging signal promotes long battery and bulb life.
No modification to the engine wiring harness needed.

NOTE: Our supplier sent us 6-wire rectifiers instead of 7-wire. The wire that normally powers the choke is not provided. Until we get more 7-wire rectifiers, it's recommended to wire your choke directly to a KEYED +12vDC power source.