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GUARANTEED FIT VICTORY SIDE-BY-SIDE: New GY6 170cc Internal Reverse Engine.  

[b]Engine is shipped DRY with no oil. Be sure to add 750ml of 10w40 to the crankcase and 120ml of 80w90 to the gearcase before starting.[/b]


[b]No returns on engines.[/b]
Call and speak with our technicians to ensure that you get the right engine.  Please do not return your engine. In the very rare event that there is a warranty issue please see warranty section.

[b]What's included:[/b]
Everything under the engine's covers and plastics is included and installed, this is a complete unit. Starter, stator, and intake manifold arrive bolted to engine. CVT transmission is fully assembled and cover installed. All transmission components are assembled and cover installed. All drain bolts and internal oil screen are installed. Valve cover installed.

[b]Sold separately:[/b]
Carburetor, exhaust, ignition components are all sold separately.

[b]Remember to adjust valves after break-in period.[/b].

b]About Oil Coolers:[/b]
Our engines [b]do NOT[/b] come with provisions for oil coolers. We've always advised strongly against the use of oil coolers on the GY6, and we refuse to offer them on our engines. We've seen too many instances where a cooler line bolt vibrated loose, dumping all of the engine oil and causing a massive failure. [b]The perceived benefit isn't worth the risk.[/b] Oil coolers on the GY6 solve a problem that doesn't exist. Follow regular maintenance intervals, invest in a UNI Air filter (and keep it oiled), and your new engine will last many years. Coolers provide a false sense of longevity benefits, and the only proven result is the added risk of unexpected massive failure.

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