3 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Buggy

3 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Buggy

Buggy designs vary significantly. Some are built for speed and others for the great outdoors. Regardless of what type of buggy you own, better and long-lasting performance is always welcomed by the majority of go-kart owners. Getting the most of your buggy is not very technical and there are many different things you can do to upgrade it. In this blog, we are sharing 3must-have upgrades for your buggy that you should consider.

  • Performance Exhaust -When you hit the gas, you want to go! Unfortunately, stock exhausts are designed to minimize noise and emissions. They are more restrictive towards the exhaust gases coming out and create backpressure in the engine during the exhaust stroke, which causes the exhaust gases to travel slower, making less room for new, fresh air to enter through the intake valve.  A performance exhaust is designed to minimize backpressure, without noise and emissions in mind. During the exhaust stroke, the exhaust gas is pushed faster, which allows more air to enter the cylinder. This adds more power and torque to your buggy.

  • Uni-Filter Kit – If you have not done it already, throw away the stock air filter in your buggy and replace it with a high-performance uni-filter. The stock airbox isn’t typically very good at filtering and known to leak an unacceptable amount of dust and debris, which can lead to premature engine failures. Mounted directly to the carburetor, the uni-filter kit eliminates the stock air filter altogether.It prevents the contaminants from reaching your engine and allows for freer airflow, cleaner air, prolonged engine life, and more horsepower.

  • Case Saver for Your GY6 Engines -Originally designed for scooters, GY6 engines used in buggies (Yerf Dog, Crossfire, Twister, Carter, Talon, Blade, Kinroad, Roketa, Sunl and more) had an existing hole in the rear of the scooter engine for the rear engine mount. There isn’t much meat there. It's not uncommon for buggy owners to crack the rear of the GY6 engine, which eventually breaks off completely after some time. Get a case saver, especially if you have recently discovered that you have a crack on your case. It will help you save the engine mount/chain tensioner, your engine, and of course, money!

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