FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

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How can BDX have a one year warranty on parts and labor and no body else can.  Because the people at BDX have specialized in parts and technical support for nearly 20 years. The other guys specialize in selling vehicles.  Thus they want to be done with that vehicle as soon as possible.  They don't have the parts and they don't  have the knowledge.  Thus the sooner they can be done with the vehicle the better.  

Once I place my Order How Long Before I receive my Vehicle:  Typically it will take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks but there are many variables including weather time of year, holiday season.  We will send you a tracking number if shipped in crate.

Why doesn't my tracking number work?  The tracking number will become active once the truck picks up your vehicle.

How much assembly will I have to do?  The vehicles come approximately 80% assembled. Please see our assembly instructions for more detail.

Will my local small engine repair shop be able to repair my vehicle:  As the Chinese vehicles grow in popularity more and more repair shops are gaining the ability to repair them. Our estimate is more than 50% of repair shops are not competent with Chinese vehicles.  We have provided tech support for hundreds of repair shops in the past two decades and we have repaired some vehicles after other repair shops failed and it was not pretty.  If you are not going to do your own repair work, before buying a vehicle, check around and make sure there is someone local who can repair your vehicle.

Where can I get parts for my vehicle:  BDX specializes in Chinese vehicle parts sales.  That has been our business for nearly two decades.

Does Quality vary between various manufacturers of Chinese vehicles: Yes!!  Our experience shows that Dongfang to be the best built and most reliable manufacturer.  We try to note issues that we have seen systemically with vehicles on the sales page so that customers know what to except.  All of the GY6 engines across many manufacturers seem to be very consistent and very high.