Return Policy

Return Authorization Number:  All returns must be pre-approved.  Please call and get a return authorization number before returning anything.  There are good reasons for this: 1) to make sure you are sending to the correct address, 2) to make sure that the return makes sense. 3) to make sure we can identify the package as your package when we receive it.  4) Some times we ship products from other locations around the country and we would not want returns going back to those locations, 5) we need to tell you the best way to ship items back.  Sometimes we can save you $50 to $100 on shipping.

Returns on Engines: Engines may be returned within 30 days of receiving the engine.  There is a 20% restocking fee on engines. Please make sure that you are ordering the correct engine for your vehicle before placing an order.  Call and speak with a technician if you have any questions.  Engines must be packaged in the same box and packing material as was shipped and must be packed the same way to avoid shipping damage.  The box must be intact and cannot have had the side walls cut open, and the box flattened, demolished and taped back together. The box or boxes must be in their original condition minus normal shipping ware and tear.  Engines must have never been uninstalled and never run.  The engine cannot have any damage.  If an engine is damaged due to improper packing the damage will be deducted from the refund. The customer is responsible for paying for shipping and insurance in returning the engine.  Insurance will not cover improperly packaged items.

Returns on Vehicles:  Vehicles (go-karts, atvs, utvs, golf-carts, side, by-sides, scooters, or any other vehicle) may be returned within 30 days of receiving the vehicleThere is a 20% restocking fee on vehicles.  Vehicles must have never been run and either must be in all of the original packing material and packaged exactly as it was received or an assembled vehicle must have a crate built around it if shipped LTL by 18 wheeler or can be shipped by car hauler.  Vehicles cannot have any damage, scratches or missing parts and if any exist will come out of the refund..  If the vehicle is damaged due to improper packing the damage will be deducted from the refund.  The customer is responsible for paying for freight and insurance in returning the vehicle to BDX Performance, 409 West 5th Ave., Lawrenceville VA 23868.  The customer must get agreement from BDX, to return a vehicle to BDX, prior to either bringing the vehicle back to BDX or shipping it back.

Electrical Parts:  No returns on electrical parts.

All Other Parts:

  • Return request must be made within 30 days of receiving the item according to tracking information reflecting successful delivery.
  • Items must be in new/unused condition- meaning it has not been installed and shows no blemishes, damage or modifications.
  • We cannot accept items that have come into contact with chemicals / fuel / lubricant etc.
  • We cannot accept returns on electrical parts such as wiring harnesses, relays, CDIs etc. (This includes ALL batteries. No exceptions – unless defective)
  • Shipping charges are non-refundable and return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • All non-defective items are subject to a restocking fee of 15%

Yerf Dog Ball Joints
Many people do not chose the correct option for the stock ball joints and do not get the spacers and then incorrectly seek to return the product.  Before we will accept a return on ball joints we will ask you questions to determine if this is the case.  If you have stock ball joints you will need the spacers.  If you have the BDX ball joints you will not need the spacers..  

Initiating the Return Process:
Call and speak to a customer service rep and get a return authorization number. In most cases we will work with customers on a return.  At the time that you placed your order you entered into a  legal and binding contract with BDX Performance.  Thus, if you change your mind and decide to get out of the contract both parties must agree. Therefore returns are not automatic.  BDX Performance must agree to dissolved the legal and binding contract before you can return the item.

If you believe your items are eligible for a return, package them with the original packing material if possible, include your return address and clearly print your order number on the OUTSIDE of the package.

Note that refunds for returned items will be issued with a 20% restocking fee upon the approved inspection of items shipped to our warehouse. Refund processing time is determined by your credit card/ account policies.

Defective Parts
BDX Performance warranties parts in accordance with our warranty policy. Defective parts will be repaired or replaced with a non-defective part.

Engine Shipping Damage and Repair:
We recommend that you purchase shipping insurance on your engine. If your engine gets damaged during transit, due to mishandling by a shipping company, we will send you the parts to repair.  The vast majority of shipping damage to an engine are damaged covers: valve cover, cvt cover, plastic covers and once in a while the metal cover where the dipstick is inserted.  All of these covers can be replaced in a matter of minutes.  Due to the excessive cost and the risk of more damage shipping engine back and forth we ask the customer to replace these covers.  If the customer insists on shipping the engine back to BDX for these minor repairs, will do the repairs, however, the customer must pay the shipping both ways and their is always the risk that the engine will be damaged again.  Please remember that the shipping company damaged your engine but we are here to help.

Initiating the Cancellation Process:
To request to cancel an order before your items have shipped call customer service at 434-532-8146 and make the request.  At the time that you placed your order you entered into a legal and binding contract with BDX Performance. Thus if you change your mind and decide to get out of the contract both parties must agree. Therefore cancellations are not automatic. BDX Performance must agree to dissolved the legal and binding contract.

Legal Obligations

This document is a legal and binding contract that each buyer enters into at the time of purchase.  Any actions outside of this document which causes harm to BDX, such as chargebacks, the buyer is agreeing that if a court of law finds for BDX Performance the buyer is agreeing to pay all BDX Performance attorneys fees and all other damage and expenses incurred by BDX due to the buyer not adhering to this legal and binding contract.  

The buyer understands and agrees if he or she choses to go outside of this agreement and takes actions, such as a changeback, then he or she is responsible for returning the product at his expense and that keeping the product and getting his or her money back is theft, and depending on the value of the product could be grand theft, and could carry prison time, and that all chargebacks where the customer keeps the product and the money will be prosecuted via the criminal justice system.  The buyer and seller understand that Credit card companies do not have final say in these matters and that we are a nation of laws and that the courts in the United States of America have the final say.

If in fact the customer returns the product, in violation of this agreement, the customer agrees to pay for any damages, or expense that BDX Performance  incurs.