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Vehicle Phone Tech Support

Lifetime Phone Tech Support with Vehicle Purchase

Call and Speak to a Technician Before You Purchase
so That you Know What to Expect

When you purchase a vehicle from BDX we provide lifetime tech support for that product. And with most Chinese vehicles you will need it.  See our straight talk for Chinese vehicles.

Just Pick Up the Phone and Call

434-447-4870 and Speak to a Real Live Technician.

No other Seller Has Real Phone Tech Support!!

Our competition will have you complete a form like filling out your taxes. And then they forward that form to someone is China. Good luck with that.  Take a look:

Other Tech Support

We also provide tech support for go-kart refurb builds, engine sales, BDX product line parts as well as smaller purchases.  Obviously the larger the purchase the more time we can afford to help you with tech support.

Abuse of Tech Support:  We had a few years of abuse of our free tech support and had to make some changes.  The following are examples of abuse of tech support:

  • Purchasing a engine wiring harness but not a chassis wiring harness and then calling our technician and taking two hours of time for him to teach you how to patch your old harness.  
  • Calling and getting tech support and then buying from Amazon or eBay.  They have cheaper prices because they do not pay technicians to provide tech support.
  • Not following the technicians advice.
  • Arguing or debating with the technician
  • Taking excess technician time because ones does not have the proper tools such as a meter or calipers.
  • Having our technician take the time to teach you how to use a meter or some other tool.  Please do a You Tube video so that you know how to use the meter.before calling.

More Detail Regarding Tech Support - click here