Specializing in Heavy Duty and Performance Parts

Cancellation Policy

To request to cancel an order before your items have shipped call customer service at 434-447-4870 and make the request.  At the time that you placed your order you entered into a legal and binding contract with BDX Performance. Thus if you change your mind and decide to get out of the contract both parties must agree. Therefore cancellations are not automatic.  BDX Performance must agree to dissolved the legal and binding contract.

We may have already put work, money and/or materials into manufacturing or fulfilling your order. Or we may have special ordered a vehicle, materials or parts for your order.  There is a 15% cancellation fee if we have already started working on your order. 

If you ordered a custom made product such as an custom engine or custom vehicle, where we have to special order materials or parts or vehicles and we must put labor into the manufacturing, there will be a 20% to 30% cancellation fee depending upon how much we have invested into your customer product.  .