Warranty Policy

Most companies' warranty policies are lengthy, wordy and some even filled with lawyer talk.  Many have a long list excluding everything under the sun. And none of our competitors' warranties cover design defects.  They only cover manufacturing defects.  Well the design engineer can produce defects just like the production operator.

Warranty Straight Talk:  The BDX Performance warranty policy is very simple. If a product has a manufacturing or design defect that causes a product to have a functional problem or failure, BDX will replace or repair the item.

Lifetime Warranty on BDX Performance Heavy Duty Products: The BDX products that we manufacturer, in our facility in the USA are so good, over engineered and robust that we offer a lifetime warranty.  If a part breaks or bends or ceases to function properly, BDX will repair or replace at any point in the life of your vehicle and this warranty is transferable. You can use this as a sales point when you decide to sell your vehicle.  We are still warranting the BDX brand of parts made by Buggy Depot, the previous producer of the BDX product line, made 14, 15 and 16 years ago.

Warranty for ATVs, Buggies, Go-Karts, UTVs and other Complete Vehicles:  All vehicles that we sell are covered by a One Year BDX Warranty against failure caused by a manufacturing or design defect.  This one year warranty includes engines and all parts and includes labor.  In order for us to cover labor you must deliver the vehicle to our facility and pick up from our facility.  If you are unable to deliver to us we do not cover labor for someone else to do the work but we will send you the replacement parts).  If you are unable to deliver the vehicle to us our technicians will step you or your mechanic through the trouble shooting, repair or parts replacement. For additional detail on repairs during and after the warranty period see the repair policy.

If there is an issue with an engine, just box up the engine per our instructions and we will repair and send back to you.

Warranty does not cover any damage caused by negligence on the customer's part such as seeing loose nuts or bolts and continuing to ride the vehicle or dripping gas and continuing to ride.  Any damage caused by negligence is not covered under warranty.  Example: If a fuel line is defective and the customer continues riding with leaking gasoline and the vehicle catches on fire then only the defective fuel line will be covered.

Engines Warranty: All engines sold by BDX Performance are covered by a 12 month (1 year) warranty against manufacturing or design defects. We will first have you work with our technicians to address any issue. If we are unsuccessful we will authorize you to return the engine to us for repair. You are responsible for shipping cost in returning the engine for warranty.  Please follow the shipping instructions to avoid damage and to get discounted shipping rates.  If we find a defect we will pay the shipping back to you.

You or a shop or another person disassembling or working on your engine or adding parts, without contacting BDX first, will void your warranty.  Running an engine with dirty oil or a dirty or defective air filter or no oil or air filter will void your warranty.

Parts Warranty:  All parts sold by BDX Performance are covered by a 90 day warranty against manufacturing or design defects. Call first to get a return authorization before returning a part. The part must be returned to BDX Performance and the part will be repaired or replaced. You are responsible for shipping cost in returning the product for warranty.

Electrical Parts.  Due to widespread misuse and abuse of electrical parts due to the lack of electrical knowledge by a large percentage of users, and the inability of failure analysis to determine if the customer has misused the product, BDX offers a very limited warranty on electrical parts.  Customers with a track record of purchasing products, from us without significant warranty claims are eligible for warranty on electrical parts.

Normal wear and tear is not covered under any of the warranties above nor is abuse or misuse of the product.