5 Best Upgrades For Increased Go-Kart Performance

Go-Kart racers are always on a mission to reduce their lap time. And rightly so! There aren’t many things better than beating other racers and blazing through a racetrack to finish first.

There are multiple ways to get better results on the race track, and the best way is to increase the performance of your go-kart by upgrading parts. Other factors such as improving driving and handling skills do help, and are definitely skills vital to be a great racer. But they are simply not as impactful as tuning and upgrading parts and components.

If you’re planning to boost the performance on your go-kart, here are 5 upgrades that will bring massive improvements in your track result.

# Upgrade The Engine
The performance of your go-kart is not only determined by the size of its cubic capacity, but how well tuned and put together the engine is. In other words, some manufacturers do a better job of building an engine more than others. GY6 performance engines are one the most well-built and highly rated go-kart engines, and they live up to their reputation. You will have to spend some money to go for this upgrade, but you are guaranteed to see massive enhancements in performance.

# Install Braking Air Intakes
Keep your brakes cool for increased performance by installing braking air intakes. Braking is an important part of racing. Powerful brakes allow you to hit the brake pedal late and only use it when you're close to corners. This reduces the time you’re on your brakes, keeping your overall speed high. Go-Karts have no mechanism to cool their brakes and slowly lose their power when the ambient temperature gets high as the race goes on. Using braking air intakes can resolve this issue.

# Use Axle Extenders
Adjusting a go-kart rear axle can make a massive difference in how it handles on track. Even a small change in the width can increase speed. Instead of having to make an adjustment manually which can be tricky, laborious, and time consuming, using axle extenders can get the job done easily. They are a type of spacer with specific measurements that can be installed without having to actually measure the width of the rear axle. Get these easy installations on your go-kart to increase your handling and performance.

# Use an Air Shield Tap
An air shield tap allows you to adjust your carburetor to change the fuel mixture while driving. Connected to an adjustable knob attached to the steering wheel, this piece of equipment allows you to adjust the fuel mixture in the carburetor. A lean fuel mixture contains more air than fuel, and a rich fuel mixture has more fuel than air. By controlling this fuel mixture ratio, you can control the amount of power generated in your engine to increase your speed.

# Tune The Piston
Tuning the piston in your go-kart engine can increase its power output, resulting in higher speed. By tuning the engine piston, ventilation is increased through the perforated materials. A tuned piston also has better lubrication allowing it to move with less friction on the cylinder wall which helps the engine to perform better.

Upgrades are the best way to increase go-kart performance. Any of the upgrades mentioned above will improve the performance of your go-kart, but some will significantly do more than the others. Consider your budget and choose one or more upgrades that you think your go-kart needs most.

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