5 Karting Tips to Go Faster on Track without Losing Time

5 Karting Tips to Go Faster on Track without Losing Time

Karting is fun! There are no two ways about it. As you speed your way down the track, it gives you an exhilarating sense of freedom and also helps you learn the best lines through the curves on each lap. If you just bought your new go-kart and are planning on going to the track but have no or very little kart experience, here are a few tips on things you can do get a faster lap.

Don't hit the brakes while turning

You don't want to hit the brakes in the middle of a turn. They can lock up the back tires and send you spinning. Make sure you get on and off the brakes before you start your turn. 

Accelerate out of the turn

You don't want to wait until you're completely done turning before you get back on the gas. Get back on the gas as soon as possible. If you find yourself sliding out wide in a turn, or the car is sliding a lot, you're probably coming in a little too fast. Just slide on a little bit more and get back on the gas, accelerate through the turn, and it will set you up for a nice, fast lap time. 

Don't jerk the wheel

You don't want to make any sudden movements with the steering wheel because you're going to start upsetting the kart. Also, you start drifting! Drifting looks cool but it's actually very slow. You want to make a nice, smooth turn. Try to keep your hands on the steering wheel at the same place. Don't move around much.

Drive on the racing line

The racing line is the most efficient way around the track. You want to come into a turn out wide by the curb. Come all the way down to the center-right by the curb and get through the turn. You don't want to be in the middle of the track because it will make you lose time.

Stay away from other karts

If you want to get your best lap time, make sure you don’t get in a race with other karts. When you do this, you're actually slowing yourself down because you would need to adjust to what the other person is doing on the track. Make sure you don’t deviate from what you normally want to do.

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