Get More Muscle For Your Go-kart With These Tips

Get More Muscle For Your Go-kart With These Tips

Go-karting is that one fun-filled activity that invites people from all walks of life to enjoy one common shared thing- the thrill of racing. It is a great way to test our reflexes, retain our focus, and keep our reflexes sharp. If there’s one thing that every go-kart associates with and just can’t seem to get enough of is speed and power. If you relate to this, here’s how you can make the most of your nearby buggies and go-karts shop in Virginia to bring more muscle for your machine.


The carburetor is a device responsible for the mixing of the fuel and air in your go-kart engine. It would be fair to say that the carburetor is more or less like the workhorse of your machine. The jets present within the carburetor cause the go-kart engine to slow down. Changing these jets will power up your engine for more speed. The air-fuel ratio also is responsible for the lower power of the engine. By resetting the ratio via the adjustment screw, you need to allow more air to the fuel for more muscle. However, too much air can cause severe engine damage. So, do this with precautions and expert guidance.


This one is the easiest swap! Go for a bigger engine. The engine, aka the mitochondria of your cart, is responsible for the power. However, you need to make sure that the new engine is compatible with your go-kart. You can browse across go-kart dealers in South Hill, VA, for parts and accessories to make your machine more efficient and powerful. 


By switching the transmission pulley, you can increase the speed of the go-kart. Go for a size smaller than the current one with a difference of at least two inches. You can do the same thing for your engine pulley. The motor pulley is responsible for decreasing the speed and increasing the power output. Measure the size and go for a larger one for an engine pulley. You might lose some power, but you will experience a more tremendous difference in speed. 


The lighter your go-kart is, the easier it will be for the engine to move it across, thus, making it go faster. You can remove all the unnecessary items and even swap the heavier essential ones for a lighter alternative. Go for a more lightweight frame, seats, mounts, fuel tank, accessories, pedals, and bumpers.


The speed governor set across every go-kart engine acts as a speed regulator that prevents your engine from hitting high speeds while maintaining a safety standard. Adjusting or removing the speed governor altogether increases the speed and power of the go-kart engine. 

And that’s it! If you are looking for some high-quality go-kart parts, replacement, modifications, or a new buggies, talk to our experts today at 434-447-4870 or browse our online showroom now.