How to Replace Your Upper Crossfire Control Arm


Is the upper control arm of your Chevy Malibu loose or worn out? Is the tire camber off? If so, it may be time for a new upper control arm. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a snugly fit upper control arm. It is not an expensive repair, but a qualified technician should perform it. It is recommended that you do not attempt any of these repairs if you are not confident. Also, note that some of these instructions are specific to a 2001-2004 model year vehicle, and instructions for other years will vary slightly.

Tools required

Open-end wrenches, socket set, ratchet and extensions, flat head screwdriver, jack, jack stands (for changing tires), pickle fork (tweaks getting lower ball joint out of control arm), and a torque wrench. A press would be nice but not necessary. Also needed are grease for joints and new boots for struts (if applicable). There is also some trimming required on some models if you have aftermarket wheels. I'm going to assume you already know how to do that or have it done by someone else. It is just a guide on replacing your upper control arm if you want to DIY it yourself. It's not rocket science and can be done in 2-3 hours if you take your time and don't rush through it. The first thing I did was remove my wheel to get access under my car without worrying about hitting something with my tire or accidentally rolling over anything while working under there.


First, you’ll need to remove the lower control arm bolts and then separate the arm from the vehicle’s frame by removing the bolts that connect it to the suspension assembly. After removing the bolts that hold it in place, you can remove the old control arm from your Crossfire and replace it with a new one by reversing these steps in order. Be sure to use care when installing your new control arm to don’t damage any of your suspension parts or your Crossfire’s frame or subframe.


Save on labor costs by replacing Upper Crossfire Control Arm yourself - We have show you how to replace your upper control arm on a Chrysler Crossfire, which can save you hundreds of dollars in labor costs.