Safety Checklist: Things To Check Before Storing Your Go-Kart

Safety Checklist: Things To Check Before Storing Your Go-Kart

Now that summer is here, your go-kart will taste gravel more often! And who doesn’t love a good ride? 

After going full throttle all day, you will just want to park it and get a shower to get rid of the sweat, grime, and dirt. However, no matter how tiresome it may seem, it is important to take a few minutes and inspect your go-kart’s dual row chain and other essential parts before you stow your vehicle away for the day in the garage. This is vital to ensure that your go-kart doesn’t pose a safety risk to you and others the next time you take it out for a spin. 

Go-karting accidents can be nasty and sadly, a significant number of them are usually caused by kart malfunctions. But, you can easily avoid them by spending some time every now and then to look for signs of damage. 

Don’t know how to go on about it? Not to worry; here are a few tips: 

  • Is the chain tension just right? 
  • After a racing stint, a go-kart’s chain gets quite hot and swells up. This skews the chain’s tension which was set by you as per your preference. 

    Instead of waiting for the next day to correct it, adjust it before you stow it away. 

  • Are the fuel lines too soft? 
  • Soft fuel lines call for quick replacements. This requires your urgent attention because it may inevitably lead to leaks and poor track performance. 

    Fuel lines are supposed to be hard to touch and rigid too. With use, they end up becoming soft and mushy! Installing new lines takes time; but once they are in place, you’ll immediately notice a slight improvement in the performance of your go-kart. 

  • Align and reset the front end
  • Go-karts look amazingly sprightly and fast; however, they can be quite delicate too. Bumps and non-serious crashes can wreak havoc on the alignment of the front end of your go-kart pretty easily. 

    A smart move would be to examine it after every ride and get it fixed. Invest in the right go-kart sprockets to keep these issues at bay and get tools so that you can work out alignment issues by yourself.  

  • Are the axle bearings greased? 
  • A kart’s axle bearings ensure that the wheels spin freely and with full power! If they are rusty or not well-lubricated, sudden imbalances may occur while your kart is in motion. 

    No go-kart driver wants that! 

    We cannot stress enough on the importance of lubricating your kart’s axle bearings. Use a high-quality bearing lubricant and be careful not to wipe it off while giving your kart a quick wipe-down. 

    Apart from these tips, do wear your helmet and check the brakes before you take your kart out for your safety. Go-karting is extremely fun and enjoyable, but like any other sport, it can be risky if proper precautions are not taken. One of them is ensuring that you’re not riding a faulty, defective go-kart! 

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