Signs It Is Time To Clean Your Go-Kart Engine’s Carburetor

Signs It Is Time To Clean Your Go-Kart Engine’s Carburetor

We all know that in order to live a healthy life, we need to have a healthy heart. However, many go-kart owners do not know that in order to have a properly functioning go-kart engine, you need to have a healthy carburetor. Similar to how high levels of cholesterol in the heart affect our health, excessive dirt and gummy fuel residue in a carburetor bring down the performance of a go-kart’s engine, and in some cases, even make it fail. One simple way of keeping your go-kart engine performing well is properly cleaning the carburetor at fixed intervals.

But the problem is, many go-kart owners do not know when to clean the carburetor. If you are among those owners, do not worry because in this blog, we will share with you some key signs that indicate toward immediate carburetor cleaning. What are those signs? Let’s find out!

Engine Will Not Start

One of the most common signs of a dirty carburetor is turning over or cranking of the engine. If your engine behaves like that but does not start at all, most likely the cause of the problem is a dirty carburetor. Excessive dirt in the carburetor can affect the amount of air and fuel moving through the passage to the engine. When this happens, your engine won’t start but it surely experiences a turn over.

Engine Is Running Lean

Your go-kart’s engine will run lean if the air-to-fuel mixture is too light. In simpler terms, it means the fuel in the ignition chamber of your motor vehicle is being igniting with excessive air or too little fuel. So, running lean means your engine is running on less fuel than it actually should. When this happens, a sneezing or popping sound gets produced in the intake. This happens because carburetor is not receiving the amount of fuel it needs. And when there is excessive fuel and not enough air, your engine will run rich, which then produces black smoke from the exhaust.

Engine Is Flooded

Your engine can become flooded when there’s too much dirt or debris in the fuel bowl. When this happens, needle valve gets blocked, which stops it from closing. This then leads to fuel making its way into the carburetor. And when that happens, fuel flows out of the bowl vents, changes the air-to-fuel ratio, and makes the spark plugs wet.

Now, it is essential to keep in mind that you cannot always blame the carburetor for the above-mentioned signs. However, it is true that in most cases, it is responsible for these problems. So, what’s the solution? Keep the carburetor clean. And if you need assistance with carburetor-related problems, you can get in touch with BDX Performance as we’re known for quality go-kart repair in Virginia. We provide standard repair services as well as custom repair services. Feel free to contact us at 434-447-4870 to inquire more about services.