Store Your Go-Kart Right to Keep It in Prime Condition

Store Your Go-Kart Right to Keep It in Prime Condition

You love your go-kart and want to keep it running without a hassle. While you cannot control the gravel on the way, you can still try the best storing practices to keep your loving machine in tip-top condition. Lubricating the go-kart’s dual-row chain won’t be enough. These kart storing tips will help you keep your go-kart in prime condition:


Cleaning your go-kart after every use keeps it shining. It also allows you to find any cracks or damage present. So, you should do it in the first place before storing your go-kart.

Checking the chain tension

For newly bought karts, this step is even more essential. New chains tend to expand due to the heat generated while you’re on the track, losing the tension after the drive. So, you should check and reset the go-kart’s dual-row chain’s tension before storing it. By doing so, you can save the morning time you will otherwise invest in resetting the chain tension.

Lubricating the bearings

For the real axle to spin freely, it should be well-lubricated. Lack of lubrication may cause friction and resistance in its rotation. So, you should rotate the axle and observe any bind in its rotation. And if it is there, grease the bearings right away. While cleaning is essential, wiping out grease from bearings is not cool (your kart hates it).

Saran wrapping the tires

Everyone wants to secure their used tires to keep using them again and again. Saran wrap is the answer. Unless you’re supposed to use a new tire for the next adventure, you should make it a habit to wrap the used ones in saran wrap. It helps keep the rubber protected from the outside air and preserves the tires’ grip without needing a climate-controlled storage environment.

Checking the front end alignment

It is not rare to find your kart’s front end alignment out of shape or the frame completely bent. It may happen due to minor factors like a bump or an off-track excursion. So, it is always good to check the front-end assembly before storing the go-kart to ensure that everything is in place after the drive.

Ensuring the fuel lines are not too soft

You should replace your fuel lines from time to time. But how would you know whether it is time to replace them? Are there any early signs? Yes. Fuel lines tend to lose their stiffness with constant use. There comes the point when they become too soft – soft enough to be pinched off easily. So, check their stiffness before storing the kart and consider replacing them when needed.

The bottom line

Karts are delicate machines that thrive on maintenance. The more you care for them, the less they ask you to schedule a garage visit. While it is tempting to enjoy a day of driving on the track, it is essential to store them right to keep them running hassle-free. The above tips will help you keep your go-kart in its best shape and improve its life.

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