Three Upgrades to Turn Your ATV Into a Mud Machine

Three Upgrades to Turn Your ATV Into a Mud Machine

Before you decide to go mudding with your ATV, make sure you have prepared well to conquer the mud and rule out disappointment at the end of the day. It can be tempting to just start scouting out the muddiest pits, but it’s a surefire way to wreak havoc on your precious vehicle and get yourself injured. The best and safest course of action to defeat muddy terrains is to get your ATV mud-ready, which isn’t hard if you know what needs to be done. 

Here’s how to turn your ATV in a mud monster:

Lift Kit

The first step is to add a lift kit to your ATV. A lift kit designed by ATV experts in a buggy parts shop in Virginia will increase the ATV’s ground clearance by a few inches. The purpose of this is to help you get over nasty rocks and tree stumps that may be lying below the mud line. Another reason is to enable your new taller tires to fit perfectly in the frame without looking odd. However, make sure not to increase the clearance by more than two inches as it can negatively impact your ATV’s handling. 


Usually, a complete mud machine has at least 40-inch tall tires with 4-inch deep lugs. But these tires are going to be heavy, which your ATV may struggle to rotate and turn. As a rule of thumb, you should buy tires that enable you to get significant traction when mudding, and at the same time, don’t stress the ATV’s engine much. The power output is crucial to tackling mud. To choose the right size of tires, you may need to consult ATV experts, which is what most mudding buffs do. 

Clutch Kit

With new taller tires, the stock clutch is likely to get overburdened by the significant increase in weight. As a result, your ATV will overheat quickly and may experience oil slippage. To avoid this, consider replacing your stock clutch with an aftermarket clutch kit to improve the throttle response when you finally test your machine in the mud hole. 

Besides adding a lift kit, traction tires, and a new clutch kit, you may want to consider adding other buggy parts for sales such as specially balanced flyweights, suspension, and a re-shaped cam to boost the overall performance. However, make sure to consult your ATV experts for the best upgrades. 

If you want to turn your ATV into a mud monster, get in touch with us today or bring your ATV to our buggy parts shop in Virginia and let our team do the magic for you.