Top Mods to Boost Your Yerf Dog’s Performance and Speed

Top Mods to Boost Your Yerf Dog’s Performance and Speed

For Yerf Dog owners, the performance of their stock go-kart is never enough. They always want more to conquer even the steepest climbs and roughest terrains without struggles. In that pursuit, they most often look for upgrades and mods to boost the machine's hill climb and trail power. Fortunately, there is a multitude of mods and after-market Yerf Dog performance parts available that can take your Yerf Dog from stock 30 miles an hour up to 40 miles an hour and boost engine power significantly. 

Here are three mods to consider for your Yerf Dog go-kart:

Install a turbocharger

One of the mods that is sure to take your kart’s speed to the next level is a turbocharger. A turbo increases the air intake that is compressed in the combustion chamber, which increases the engine horsepower output for added speed. However, turbochargers are complex, and their installation requires skilled labor. So, make sure to seek help from professionals who modify and upgrade Yerf Dog karts utilizing premium, reliable Yerf Dog performance parts.

Remove the governor

Governors are installed in most factory karts to curb their speed as a means to enhance the safety of the drivers. But if you want to take your kart’s speed up a notch, you may want to remove it to open the top speed. That said, with a boost in speed comes instability, which can pose a real threat. To ensure that the machine withstands the new speed, you will need to replace the existing frame with a sturdy, compatible one.  

Re-gear your Yerf Dog

Re-gearing a go-kart typically involves replacing the stock sprocket on the drive axle with a smaller one and the sprocket on the engine output with a larger one. By doing so, you increase your machine’s speed significantly, since the drive axle will make more revolutions with each revolution the engine makes. But make sure to keep a balance and not overdo this as it can put excessive stress on the engine, making it stall out. 

Add rubbing alcohol to your gs tank

This is one of the simplest upgrades you can make in your Yerf Dog kart. A 50/50 mixture of 90% alcohol and gasoline increases the engine horsepower, which shoots up the speed. 

Not happy with your stock Yerf Dog go kart’s performance? Let us help transform your machine and make it a speed monster on the track. We also provide Yerf Dog’s performance kits and accessories, including Yerf Dog wiring harness and many others.