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Ways To Fix Go-Kart Engine Idling Problems

Posted by Cindy Carter on

Go-kart engines are known for delivering flawless performance for years without calling for too much maintenance. You will find them in two variants, 2 stroke and  4 stroke. There are some electric ones as well. But if we talk about majority of the go-kart engines in the market, most of them are 4 stroke engines.

These engines can at times present the problems of engine idling. Although these problems are considered minor, they can occasionally prove a bit difficult to solve. In this blog, we will share with you some ways you can fix go-kart engine idling problems. We have listed down some points for this purpose. Let’s take a look at them.

  • If you are able to start the engine  but the engine doesn’t stay on for long, there could be multiple reasons behind this. One is that water might have made its way inside the fuel tank. When gasoline is mixed with water, engine idling problems can take place. If you can notice water beading signs near the bottom of the gas tank, then it would be best to remove all the gasoline from the tank and refill it with unadulterated gasoline.
  • Another reason why your engine might struggle to stay on is a clogged air filter. If there is too much dirt in the air filter, it is obvious that the engine will find it hard to pull in enough air and therefore will stop. So, here it is important to clean the air filter at fixed intervals as prescribed in the user manual.
  • A loose spark plug can also be behind your go-kart’s engine idling problems. If it is loose or the wire that links the spark plug is loose, then you may experience engine idling issues. Keep in mind that a worn out spark plug will too cause the same problem. So, change the spark plug and make sure that every wire linking the spark plug is fully tightened.
  • Another problem that many go-kart owners have experienced is that their go-kart moves while idling.  This problem mostly occurs when the clutch becomes worn out. It could also mean there is not sufficient lubrication in the clutch system. Apart from these, very high engine idle speed or very tight drive chain could also be responsible for this problem.

While doing the above-mentioned things will fix engine idling problems, do not expect them to make a worn-out go-kart engine perform well. When engines become old, they should be replaced with a new, better engine. If you need a new 150CC GY6 Twister engine for your go-kart, look no further than BDX Performance. We sell virtually every go-kart engine. Our engines are genuine 150CC engines, not 125CC that look exactly like 150CC ones.

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