Ways To Keep Your Go-Kart’s Chain In Top Condition

Ways To Keep Your Go-Kart’s Chain In Top Condition

We all love our go-karts. They are incredible machines that are light and fast.  As long as you take care of your go-kart’s maintenance requirements, it will continue to perform well. One component that many go-kart users forget to pay attention to is the drive chain. It is important to keep it in good condition as it can free up horse power, provide reliability, and help avoid early wearing of drive components. 

In this blog, we will share with you some ways that will help you keep your buggy chain in top condition. We have listed down some points for this purpose. Let’s take a look at them.

You should know that go-kart chains get stretched over time. Therefore, it is required that you adjust them in time before they fall off. In order to re-tension the chain, you will have to first unfasten the engine mounting bolts a little and shift the engine backward or forward. Keep in mind that it is good to have some play in the chain. Tightening it too much will have a negative effect on the horsepower and reduce chain’s life.

  • Go-kart chains are also known as roller chain. The steel pins are known for getting rubbed against the steel tubes’ insides. When you are carrying out chain maintenance, it is important you make lubricant go under the tubes and on to the pins. Ideally, it is best to remove the chain and leave it overnight fully immersed in lubricant. We will advise you to use a penetrating chain lubricant as a quick spray won’t be enough to properly enter the rollers.

  • Another part of chain maintenance is checking whether drive sprockets and clutch are in alignment or not. If they aren’t, then your go-kart’s chain will get worn out more quickly. You can check this by swiveling the drive wheel backwards and verifying whether the chain is going directly into the sprocket. If not, then remove or use spacers on axle of drive wheel till the alignment is achieved.

  • Maintenance also includes getting rid of old parts, for instance, change the chain if there is too much looseness and when it does not fit correctly among the sprocket teeth. Don’t forget to change the sprockets if they contain sharp teeth from wear.

So, there you have it. Follow these maintenance tips and your go-kart’s drive chain will stay in top condition. If you need to buy new buggy sprockets or chain, you can get them online from BDX Performance. Not just these, you can also get tooth axle sprocket, rear drive axle, rear wheel hub, chain tensioner, and much more from BDX Performance.