6 Winter Care Tips For Your Go-Kart

6 Winter Care Tips For Your Go-Kart

With winter months slowly inching closer, it will soon be time for you to stow away your go-kart until the weather’s ideal for go-karting again. But before you put your machine away, a few maintenance and safety concerns must be taken care of to ensure that it is in impeccable condition when you need it the next time. Here are a few suggestions for you:

●Pay attention to your engine

Before you pack up your go-kart, empty the gas tank. Not only is a filled-up tank a safety hazard, but you really don’t want to take out a go-kart with gelled-up gasoline in the upcoming spring season! So, ensure that the carburetor is dry too. Turn the ignition on and let your go-kart run until it is completely out of fuel.

●Assess oil level

It should go without saying that your go-kart’s oil levels should be maintained before you go on to put it in storage. A good practice would be to examine your air filters along with it. If the air filters are too dirty, replace them with new ones.

●Give your seats a little bit of care

Did you know that your go-kart’s seat may become infested with rodents over the winter if you are not careful? During the coldest months, mice and rodents scurry into warm cushioning materials to keep themselves cozy and build nests. Your go-kart’s seat is the perfect target.

A way out of it would be to remove the seat and the cushioning entirely, especially if you have a mice infestation issue in your area.

●Inspect drive axel

If you have been unforgiving with your go-kart this year, its rim axle interface and the sprocket axle interface will have worn out by now. To ascertain their condition, pay attention to the key-way. Is it wallowed out? While a little bit of wallowing is fine, a lot of it may lead to cracks on the go-kart’s sprockets. Replace damaged parts accordingly.

●Examine wheel bearings

Pressed metal bearings are known to wear out very quickly. If you notice that they have turned wobbly, then it’s time for a replacement. We suggest that you fit roller bearings for your wheel axles instead, as they last longer and are more functional, especially with your go-kart’s dual row chain. While you are on it, it would be a good idea to oil the chain as well as brake cables.

●Tire care

No tread on the tires? Change them as soon as possible. Also, remember that tires get depleted of air when they are not moved for a long period of time. To avoid this, install the go-kart on blocks so that the tires don’t have to sustain all the pressure. This will extend the life of your tires and also that of the inner-tube interface.

One of the biggest complaints that we have come across during springtime is go-karts not being ready to be driven! To ensure that you can take it for a ride right when the weather is suitable, make sure that you keep these winter care tips in mind. For go-kart sprockets, replacement parts, and other accessories, check out BDX Performance website now!