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Buy Local or Buy BDX??

Posted by Barry Carter on

Buying local is great but not always the best way to go.  There are advantages to buying from BDX Performance as opposed to buying local and relying on local expertise--sometimes buying local is buying yokel.  If you needed heart surgery would you buy local from your local country doctor or would you rather have the top expert in the country. 

  • BDX Performance is the premier technical experts in the country on the GY6 engines and the 150cc, 170cc, 200cc buggies and vehicles.. We design and manufacturer vehicle parts, we repair and refurbish vehicles and engines.  We design and build high performance engines and parts!.

Most power sports vehicle sellers do a poor job of servicing what they sell. Today a few hours before writing this article a fellow brought in a Dongfang buggy from a few hours away that his local dealer could not fix. This is very common!!.

    • If you dont work on vehicles, before you buy, find a small engine repair shop.  Ask if they work on Chinese vehicles. Tell them that you are looking to buy a vehicle and see if they can do repairs for you.  Also tell them that we have tech support so they can call to get their technical help. 

    • If you do repairs of vehicles our technicians can step you though any problem that you have.

    • BDX gets calls from repair shops, from all over the country weekly, asking questions regarding repairing GY6 vehicles!.

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