Dongfang DF200GKA Buggy - The BDX Buggy Pick of the Decade

All buggies are not created equal.  Chinese go-kart manufacturers are good at making their vehicle look really good.  But when you purchase a buggy you deserve to know exactly what you are getting relative to other products.  We have been riding and selling go-kart buggies for over two decades.  In our Straight Talk article we explain the typical issues with Chinese made vehicles that have persisted since the Yerf Dog was created back in 2001.  Now Dongfang has produced a vehicle which is a game changer for the entire industry.

In the 1960s made-in-Japan meant cheap junk.  By the 1980's the quality of Japanese products had improved so much they nearly put the big three automakers out of business.  Chrysler avoided bankruptcy only with a government bale-out.  Today we think Dongfang is leading the effort to do the same thing in China in the buggy market.

While others like Kinroad, TaoTao, Kandi, Hammerhead, Coolster seem to be  doing business as usual some like Dongfang and Fangpower are changing the name of the game.  The problem is there is a layer of confusion created by sellers in the USA who intentionally confuse things.  It is hard to tell who the manufactures are of various vehicles..  Some companies even make it look like they are the manufacturer, with veneer efforts at brand labeling common vehicles as their manufactured product with new unique slick names for the same vehicle.  For example the Dongfang DF200GKA  is being sold under a slew of Names: Jaguar, Cazador, Monster, Cazador Monster, Falcon, Super Monster and more and many never mention that it is a Dongfang.  In keeping with our straight talk philosophy we like to bring clarity to things--more straight talk.  

Bottom line, in our opinion, there is a big difference in quality and reliability in the Dongfang DF200GKA and all other Chinese made go-larts.  Below are some things that you get with DF200GKA that you do not get from other manufacturers:

  • The DF200GKA has the reliability and robustness of a Japanese made vehicle with China prices.  The Dongfang DF200GKA is the exception to our straight talk regarding the quality of Chinese made vehicles.  We have never had a warranty claim on this vehicle.. 

  • We have had some of these seats in the sun, rain and snow sitting for ten years and they are still in reasonable shape.

  • We have written an article on the issues with Chinese made vehicles-click here.  The DF200GKA is the only exception to our straight talk regarding Chinese vehicles  

  • The DF200GKA is a full adult size go-kart. This buggy is very large with plenty of leg room.  Will fit tall adults with adjustable drivers seat up to 6'3" or 6'4".

  • Built rugged and extra tough.  This frame is the best made of the thickness tubing since the Tomberlin Crossfire in 2005.   The roll cage is connected with solid threaded heavy duty steel connectors as opposed to nuts and bolts as with other buggies. Some other new buggies sound like a bucket of rattling nuts and bolts when riding.  Some buggies have welds that would get an F in welding class. Welds on the DF200GKA are good welds.  

  • Most buggies today come with GY6 engines.  This is not your typical lawnmower engine type go-kart from the 1980's.  This is a modern buggy with safety roll cage and with the GY6 170cc engine with the clutch and transmission safely fully enclosed in the case.  This is an automatic buggy with the forward and reverse. The GY6 engine is the most popular widely-used engine in the world used in scooters, go-karts, buggies, UTV's, side-by-sides world wide.  Many of these engines are still running strong in 20 year old Yerf Dog, Kinroad, Crossfire, Carter Talon and many other go-karts. 

  • Comes stock with chrome alloy heavy duty 10" rims front and back.  Where Dongfang uses steel rims, the thickness of the metal making up the rim is nearly twice the thickness of other buggies.  See the picture below.of a Dongfang rim.

  • Durable and padded sport bucket extra comfortable seats.  We have had some of these seats in the sun, rain and snow sitting for ten years and they are still in reasonable shape.

  • Double wishbone suspension with over sized and extra long 17" independent front control arms for smooth articulating ride over rough terrain with 15" and 16" coil over shock suspension.
  • Oversized large 22" front and rear tires for 8" of ground clearance for trail riding and riding over logs, ditches, ruts or large rocks.

  • Bright LED headlight plus three bright overhead spotlights on the top frame, Signal lights, emergency flashers and rear tail light good for night trail riding.

Other Key Features

  • Side view mirrors
  • Digital Speedometer and odometer
  • Diamond plated skid plate for running over small trees and brush.
  • Extra large capacity 4.5 gallon gas tank for long trail rides.
  • Loud but nice sounding horn.  
  • Comes with spare tire on a chrome alloy rim.
There are many sellers of this same vehicle, made in the same factory, using different names for this buggy: Jaguar, Cazador, Monster, Cazador Monster, Super monster and more, all advertising as a 200cc vehicle.  However, it is not a 200cc it is the exact same 170cc go-kart as we have listed here.  More BDX Straight Talk

    As an example of the robustness of the Dongfang buggy look at the size of the axle compared to another buggy.  41" long to help prevent roll-overs.  The thickest most heavy duty axle of all 150cc, 170cc, and 200cc buggies.

    Below is the connector that holds the roll cage together.  Others use standard low quality nuts and bolts and the roll cage squeaks and rattles while riding.  Below is a massive chunk of beautiful steel that literally could withstand being run over by a bulldozer.  Dongfang did not have to go though the extra cost for such a heavy duty part.  We recognize heavy duty because we have specialized in manufacturing heavy duty go-kart parts for nearly 20 years.