FAQs - Technical Questions

Oils for New GY6 Engine or GY6 Go-Kart, ATV, UTV or Scooter:  GY6 engines take nearly a quart of 10W-40 motor oil.  We do not recommend synthetic during the break-in period.  Check using your dip stick until full.  The rear transmission takes 80W 90 gear oil.  There is an oil plug at the rear of the engine that looks similar to the CTV cover bolts.  It is on the same side as the CVT cover bolts.  Fill until oil comes out of the hole.  Do not over fill.

How do I clean my carburetor when there are no screws to remove the bowl? Use a dremel tool to cut slots for a screw driver.  Then use a screw driver to remove the screws.  The second method is to use the dremel to cut off the head of the screw.  One you remove the bowl you than then use needle nose grip pliers to remove the screw.  If you don't have replacement screws get a used carb here..

I keep cleaning my carb and it keeps immediately clogging up again.  You likely need a new gas tank.  Look inside of your gas tank with a flash light (do not use a match as some have done).  If you see corrosion and junk floating around time for a new tank.  You likely also will need a new gas filter.

My vehicle idles great but when I press the gas my vehicle bogs down:  You may have a leak in your intake.  If your vehicle is several years old the intake may have dryrotted and have cracks it is.  While idling spray some starter fluid around the intake.  If it the revs up then you are sucking in air though cracks and the engine is getting too much air and causing the bog down.

I was driving my vehicle and I heard a squeal and a pop and a lot of noise.  Now the engine runs but the vehicle does not move.  Likely your CVT belt broke and you need to replace it.  If your CVT cover is in a difficult location we recommend a PowerLink Belt.  If the belt is easy to change we recommend the standard belt.  

How do I tell if I have a long case or short case GY6:  Look at your CVT cover at the top.  Do you have two or three bolts in the center at the top.  Three bolts is a long case and two bolts is a short case.

My sales person told me I was buying a 200cc GY6 go-kart but I see other places it says 169cc.  What's going on?   Your sales person or their website lied.  There is no such thing as a 200cc GY6 engine.  You have a 169cc engine which could be rounded to say 170cc.  Sellers do this so that you think you are getting more HP than the seller who is honestly listing the same vehicle as 170cc.  

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