Getting Stuck Buying Unsupported Chinese Vehicles

For years we have been warning people about buying unsupported Chinese vehicles.  We at BDX fully support all vehicles that we sell and so should all sellers but they do not.  They are in the vehicle sales business.  Once the same is made they are done with you.  Don't get stuck like Donald.  Buy your ATV or go-kart from BDX Performance.

@Donald Pelletier Seems like you wrote this before we spoke by phone today. This is the second time that you have publically flown off the handle. You are getting a lot of things confused or you are intentionally not being truthful.  I will not make any judgment as to which is which.  I just want to deal with the facts. 

You did NOT purchase a motor as you state in your post.  See your order attached below.  You purchased an engine rebuild because you did not read the title of the listing nor the content of the listing.  This was your mistake.  We went over this immediately after you purchased the rebuild of your engine.  So you were made aware of this.  And you decided to go ahead with the rebuild. 

We informed you that we had rebuilt a couple of these odd GY6 170cc engines.  But had difficulty with a third.  We offered you a plan for a new engine.   We explained that what we would like to do is to develop a kit like we have for the Crossfire 150R, and the Baja where you can use a kit that we develop to mount a standard 170cc engine in place of the odd sideway RZR GY6 170engine.  But the problem was that we didn’t have a RZR here for us to develop the kit on.  We told you we had a customer in New Orleans who had purchased a standard 170cc engine from us who was going to develop a kit but he had some flooding and it would be a while before he got to it.  And he was going to share the kit with us and we would manufacturer a kit for you and send you as new engine with the kit.  You agreed with this PLAN not promise.

Lets be very clear.  A promise is one thing.  A plan for your problem and your mistake is a completely different thing.  You made a bad decision in purchasing an over priced Chinese vehicle with a Polaris name on it, without checking to see if you could get all replacements parts for it from Polaris.  That was your bad decision.  Polaris is treating its customers badly by selling vehicles with no plan for engine replacements.  You should be mad with Polaris.  You should be calling them crooks.  We are trying to help you with your problem while Polaris sits back and counts their money.  WHY ARE YOU NOT ANGRY WITH THEM AND WRITING NASTY STUFF TO THEM.  You are angry with the wrong the people.

The plan with the New Orleans guy did not work.  We tried reaching him a bunch of times and never heard back after several conversations.  Since then Karl has spent many hours working on your engine replacing parts, rebuilding test and trying different things. Yea he let it sit too long without communicating with you. He said he was calling your number but you said you never got any calls.  The engine now still runs rough as the video shows.  We sell, build and ship nearly 1000 engines each year.  And we have 4 to 6 engines or projects like yours that we are stuck on for either lack of manpower to work on them or some stubborn problem that we have not figured out.  That is a 99.4% success rate.  We are actually pretty proud of that rate.  Nobody bats 100%.

A couple months back we developed another plan which was to locate and buy a 170RZR and develop the engine swap kit with that.  We located one in OK over a month ago but the shipping to get it to us is $1000.  So we stalled on that plan looking for one closer.

Bottom line is we are here to help you.  We have helped hundreds of people with parts and engines that they cannot get anywhere else because the company that sold it to them does not support the vehicle any more. You are in a bind because you purchased a vehicle without doing your due diligence regarding Polaris.  The easiest thing for us to do is give you a refund and be done with this issue.  This is one less problem that I have to think about. Or you can be patient and wait until we find a solution for your problem which likely will be a few weeks to months away.  Again I am offering you a plan for your problem and not a promise.

Donald, I wrote the above before I read your complete message.  At this point I am after seeing the untruthful slant that you are putting on this I am inclined to send your engine back to you as is.  We have put over $1000 into your engine in parts and labor.  That is all that you spent to get it repaired.  It may need a new crankshaft and the price for that alone is $650. 

Just to show you the difference in how you are behaving and other customers.  We have another customer, Scott Curry, who is in the exactly same boat as you with a 170 RZR engine that we are stuck on and each time we talk to him he thanks us for trying to solve this for him.  We have had his engine 6 months longer than yours and he is still thanking us.  We are not responsible for your mistakes,  We are not.  You and you alone are responsible for your mistakes and the decision to purchase an unsupported UTV.  Now you need to back up and rethink your position on this. 

Do you want to be patient and thank us for eventually getting the new standard 170cc engine and adapter kit to you and you then having a piece of equipment that you can sell for $5000 since, your children out grew it in one year, or do we send your rebuilt engine back the way that it is and you sell the entire clunker for $500? It’s your call.  Again we have already spent well over $1000 on repairing your engine.