Go-Karting Mistakes That Everyone Commits At Least Once: Learn from Others

And we’re back with our favorite topic: Go-karting! There’s absolutely nothing that is not fun about this sports activity. The quick rush of this open-wheel, four-wheeled vehicle motorsport filled with sharp twists and turns packs loads of serotonin and adrenaline pumps. However, just like everything else in life, go-karting is also an activity with a learning curve, and one can get better with practice. When it comes to practice, there comes a lot of mistakes. As a South Hill VA buggy repair service provider and heavy-duty product dealer, we share some tips. So, if you are new to go-karting, keep reading this blog to learn from other’s mistakes.


Although a go-kart does look like a car, you cannot drive it like one. The appeal is the same with a very different set of mechanics in place. Also, another vital thing to note here is that most modern generation cars are equipped with power steering that does most of the work for you. Do not glide your hands across the steering wheel and keep it intact at a quarter to three positions. Any slight movement will cause your cart to change its direction. Therefore, be prepared to use your muscle power for a faster reaction to any slides or drifts.


Kart brakes usually act on rear wheels only. Therefore, you must understand that braking too softly might not work for your go-kart. A safer and more effective way to bring your kart to a halt is by letting go of the gas, decelerating, and then accelerating gently to make a smooth and swift turn for seamless motion. Do not hesitate to press your brakes too hard while letting go of the gas for immediate stopping.


Turning is one of the most challenging points that even advanced go-karters find tricky. Most of the drivers make the mistake of turning too early. If you find yourself sliding wide into the exit in turn, or feel like losing control due to speed, slow your kart down further while aiming for a later apex.


If you keep sliding or drifting in a kart, it’s probably because you are steering too hard, over speeding, not using the brake and gas lever in sync or all of the above. Sliding or drifting can cost you valuable seconds in a go-kart race while taking the fun out of the activity. Simply restart and slowly gain momentum as you build your confidence at a sure pace.


The go-kart track is well-defined by white lines and curbs. The reason it’s wide and spacious is because you are allowed to make full use of it as you push the gas pedal for greater speed. The wider you go at each corner by being at the circuit’s edge, the easier it is for you to carry more speed.


Make sure you aren’t blocking any fellow drivers or bumping into them while driving. Look far ahead and maintain your lane as you see drivers overtaking you. Above all, don’t take the race too seriously!

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