Instructions for GY6 150cc Buggy Economy Engine

Some people on a tight budget select our BDX 150cc Economy engine.  This is not a direct fit for any buggy.  This is a short case scooter engine but can be made to work on older model 150cc buggies with no reverse or external reverse gear boxes.

  • This is a long shaft engine.  It will work for buggies with an external reverse gear box and ones such as the Yerf Dog Spiderbox that did not come with gear boxes.  For the buggies with gear boxes the splines on the drive shaft do not come out as far to engage the gear box but it will work just fine with your buggy.  If you have no gear box you will need to cut a piece of tubing to take up the additional space between the sprocket and the drive shaft nut.  The good news if you ever decide to add reverse to your buggy you already have the long shaft (a $65 value if you have it installed).
  • You will need to remove the kick start and install a bolt with two in the hole where the kick start is in order for your muffler to mount.  The other option is to remove the kickstart lever and purchase this part that mounts onto the kick start shaft.  
  • At the rear top of the engine there is top brake shoe mounting hardware.  remove all of this hardware.
  • Turn the engine upside down cut off the brake pin at rear bottom of the engine.  For scooters this pin is used to hold the scooter brake shoes.  Do not remove the pin since there is oil on the other side.