Instructions for Assembling your Vehicle

Instructions for Assembling your Vehicle

When you receive your vehicle give us a call and speak with one of our technicians at 434-532-8146. We want to build that tech support relationship from the beginning.  Unlike other sellers who hope you don't call once you get your vehicle we want to get to know you.

When the truck arrives with your vehicle check for damage in the box and metal crate frame around your vehicle.  If the box has damage peek inside to make sure the vehicle has not received any damage.  Before signing the truckers paperwork note all issues that you see with the box or damage to the vehicle, on the truckers paperwork.  Document in detail and take pictures.

Most vehicles come 80 to 90% assembled.  

You Tube Contains Videos for Assembling Almost All Vehicles::

  • DF200GKA:
  • 200cc Buggy:

Remove box and using wrenches disassemble the metal frame surrounding the unit. Locate the battery and fill the battery with the acid solution using the little red straw.  Make sure all cells are within the red lines. Do not install the battery caps. Let it sit for an hour and then put on a battery charger, at 10 amps, with the caps to the cells uninstalled.  Install the battery in the vehicle last, once you are finished assembling the vehicle.  This will give it plenty of time to get a reasonable charge.  Most people will be anxious to ride when the assembly is done so for the first night after riding put the battery on a 2.5 amp charge over night after riding.  

In order to install the wheels, set jack stands under the axle and in the front of the vehicle.  In order to do this you will need to unbolt the axle from the frame and lift the vehicle from the frame onto the jack stands.  Use loktite on lug nuts for extra safety and make sure the lug nuts are securely tightened. 

Most vehicles will have the shocks and arms, spindles and brake system installed.  In some vehicles you may have to rotate the front shocks or spindle assembly in place and add nuts and bolts.  Usually its pretty self explanatory.  

BE SURE ALL KOTTER PINS ARE INSTALLED ON THE TIE ROD ENDS IN THE CASTLE NUT SLOTS AND ON THE REAR AXLE.  THOSE NUTS ARE 100% GUARANTEED TO COME OFF IF THE KOTTER PINS ARE NOT INSTALLED.  Some vehicle may get kotter pins in other locations.  These will be in place with castle nuts so that you cannot miss them.

Install roll cage for buggies and front and rear luggage racks for ATV's.  Be sure to tighten all hardware securely using lok-tite.  The last thing you want is to start riding and things are squeaking, rattling and making noises while you ride.  Roll cages can make a lot of noise while riding if hardware is not nice and tight.Be sure to connect all plastics using lok-tite.  Those screws will see a lot of vibration and will come lose. 

For cargo racks on ATVs make sure that the racks are securely tightened using loktite.  The Coolster Reaction 3150 CXC and other ATVs have a tendency for the hardware on these racks to vibrate lose.  Do NOT allow people to ride on the cargo racks.  They are not designed for this.

The Dongfang 170cc buggies use a superior heavy duty design connecting the roll cage bars together.  Install the roll bar pads before putting the roll cage together.  If you miss this step no big deal.  No need to disassemble the roll cage.  Just cut the pads vertically down the length of the pad, install on the bar and secure with cheap electric tape.  pull the padding together tight, at the seam so that no metal is showing, as you apply the tape in a spiraling motion around the padding.  When complete add the roll bar pad covers,

Check the transmission oil to ensure that it is up to the fill hole.  For the GY6 engines the fill hole it at the back of the engine on the CVT cover side.  It will look similar to the CVT cover bolts but is usually slightly different. If oil is needed it takes 80w90 gear oil.  Get a bottle with pointy end,  Stick it in the hole and fill until oil starts coming out.  Do not over fill.  Add motor oil before starting or turning over the engine. For GY6 engines they take nearly a full quart of 10W-40 motor oil.  Do not use synthetic oil during the break-in period.  Change the break-in oil after burning through 2 to 3 gallons of gas.

Install the battery and add gasoline after oil is in the engine.  You don't want someone to come by and start the engine while you are in the bathroom, before you put oil in it.  Run ethanol free gasoline in your vehicle if possible but it is not mandatory.  Regular gas is fine. The ports in the carburetor for the GY6 engine are very small and will clog very easily.  If you allow the vehicle to sit with gasoline in the carb for 3 or 4 weeks you will likely need to clean the ports in the carb especially with ethanol gasoline.  If you are not going to ride for a few days shut the petcock off while the engine is running and allow it to run out of gas so that they is no gasoline in the carb.  

For the first couple of weeks inspect your vehicle before, during and/or after riding for lose bolts or parts and tighten as necessary.  

Please take pictures of the assembly process and riding and share with other riders on our BDX Facebook Group.

Please read our Do's and Don'ts for your new vehicle.

Please read about our one year warranty on parts and labor.  The only seller with a one year warranty.

For Tech Support just give us a call.  434-532-8146

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