Options for Your GY6 150cc Engine-More Power New or Rebuild-A Quick Overview

Options for Your GY6 150cc Engine-More Power New or Rebuild-A Quick Overview

When your GY6 engine begins to fail or you are just thinking of more power you have options.  This includes buggies, go-karts, UTV’s, ATVs, side-by-sides.  You can get a new GY6 150cc engine.  We carry all engines for all GY6 vehicles, or you can have us rebuild your engine.There are pros and cons in each direction.  Of course a new GY6 engine is going to cost more.  The main benefit with a GY6 engine rebuild is cost. 

If you see blue smoke coming from the exhaust you may only need to replace the cylinder, rings and piston.  This is a fairly simple rebuild requiring you only to install our rebuild kit.  The smoke is from oil in the crank case getting pass the rings due to wear.  Most do-it-yourselfers can do this fairly easily.

If your GY6 engine has deeper problems such as being locked up due to running out of oil or some other issue then a deeper rebuild may be needed.  In this case we usually recommend upgrading to a 175cc GY6 big bore engine.  We have to do a near complete tear down of the engine in order to bore out the case.  We then install a 175cc big bore cylinder and piston rather than a 150cc standard cylinder and piston.

Our estimate is that the GY6 175cc engine gives you a 10% horsepower gain over the GY6 150cc engine.  You have options with the 175cc engine.  You can upgrade to a high stall clutch, a 1500RPM spring and a high performance variator that all provides more efficient transfer of power from the GY6 engine to the wheels. 

Other options for you to consider is a higher output stator.  Today’s GY6 vehicles come with a 8 pole stator.  We can upgrade you to an 11 pole stator if you desire running more lights or a stereo system or the like.

A final step that you can take it to jump your GY6 175cc engine up to a 184cc by adding a stroker kit. The stroker kit provides a longer stroke for the crank shaft as the crank shaft drives the piston. The combination of the stoker kit and the big bore kit combines to provide 184cc of combustion area.