Replacing Your Crossfire 150R or Baha Reaction 150 Engine

In order to keep the older Crossfire 150R or Baha Reaction 150 buggies running we have developed an alternative GY6 engine with internal reverse.  You can purchase the Crossfire replacement engine here and the Baha engine here.  This is NOT the original GY6 engine but a replacement GY6 engine which will require a kit to install. The original engine is no longer manufactured nor available anywhere.   And regardless of whether you get the Crossfire or Baha engine you'll get the same engine and kit.

Also we use two different GY6 internal reverse engines and two different kits for this replacement engine.  So if you order either of these products the engine that you receive may be either engine and kit 1 or 2 below.  So dont be surprised if the engine and kit is slightly different than what you see in the picture in the listing.

Replacement Engine and kit # 1

The engine and kit below goes together:  

If you get the engine above you will NOT receive a shifter handle.  You will use your old forward and reverse shifter handle.  And the pictures below shows how it all assembles together.


You will use only one side of your axle sprocket and a standard single row chain.  We provide the chain with the compatibility kit.  You may need to remove some links. 

In order to get your engine sprocket to align with your axle sprocket you may need cut some metal off of the engine sprocket and you may need to add a Spacer to the other side.

The pictures below show how the adapter mounting plate and chain tensioner assembles.

Replacement Engine # 2

The engine and kit below goes together.  The engine below uses an entirely different shifting system so if we send you this kit you will receive a different type shifter handle than your original.  And you will also receive two shifter cables.

Below is a picture of how the shifter mounts. 

Here are the parts for the shifting system only..  


We have had one person receive engine # 1 and demand to get the kit for engine number two.  No matter how many times we told them that kit number 2 would not work on engine #1 they simply could not hear what we were saying.  They could not get out of their heads that they needed the shifter handle from #2 for engine #1.  We explained that it will only work with engine number 2.

We had a diesel mechanic tell us that it was impossible for this kit to work.  Then we sent him the pictures above and we never heard back.   They should be angry with the owners of Baha and Tomberlin who left them hanging with no way to get an engine, after making their millions.  And they should be happy that we took the time to look out for them and develop these kits. These kind of customers make you want to quit this business. 

At any rate both of these GY6 engines are used on thousands of buggies and ATVs and are both equally reliable engines.  And we have sold dozens of these engine kits and they running on Crossfire and Baha buggies all across the USA.  We have also installed a few on buggies ourselves.  

If you appreciate what we are doing to keep your buggy running PLEASE leave us a review.