Sellers Create Confusion in the Market and Customers Lose

The Chinese ATV,Go-Kart, UTV market is a bastion of confusion. The confusion is intentionally created by sellers in an effort to gain a competitive advantage over one another.  And the big loser is the consumer because sellers are making it near impossible for you to understand what you are buying and to compare the different companies, vehicles, manufacturers.  Our competitive advantage comes from our efforts to bring clarity, support and honesty to a market of confusion with our BDX straight talk

Many sellers pretend to be the manufacture of the vehicles with a unique name in their website listings for a generic vehicles that we are all selling.  Some advertise their vehicle as superior quality, saying, "other go-karts may look like ours but nobody matches our quality" LIAR.  The reality is we are all ordering from the same manufacturers in China.  Many sellers never even open the crate containing the vehicle and just ship what they receive from China but yet they are lying and saying their vehicle has superior quality to other sellers.

Sellers intentionally hide what brand vehicle you are purchasing.  For example the Dongfang DF200GKA is being sold under a slew of names by various sellers. Jaguar, Cazador, Monster, Cazador Monster, Falcon, Super Monster, Yamobuggy, Vitacci Jaguar, RPS New Jaguar, Avenger and more and many never mention that it is a Dongfang.  We tell you the manufacturer of the vehicle in the title or description. Imagine buying a Honda Civic and each car dealership calling the civic by a different name and presenting it as their unique vehicle that is better and unlike the other look-alike vehicles.

Sellers intentionally false advertise. Approximately 50% of sellers lie regarding the size or cc's of the engine on their vehicle.  For example most refer to the 170cc engine as a 200cc engine.  And the 232cc engine is advertised as a 250cc engine and the 311cc engine is advertised as 350cc and 400cc engine.  Yes that is false advertising and should not be allowed. Consumers deserve to know exactly what they are getting.

Many sellers advertise that they offer tech support but in reality you will be emailing someone in China, after completing a form as long as your 1049 federal taxes.  It is nearly impossible to troubleshoot most problems by email or in writing and they expect you to give up after a few frustrating emails back and forth to someone in China.

Some sellers say they have technicians to assist you with problem, but in reality they have assembliers.  Assembliers typically know little to nothing about about repairing vehicles.  At BDX our technicians have thousands of hours repairing vehicles, designing parts, upfitting vehicles and assembling vehicles.