Stop Buying Vehicles from Sellers who Do Not Support What they Sell--PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

Virtually no seller, in the USA except BDX, is structured to support the Chinese ATVs, Buggies, and UTVs that they are selling.  The result is thousands of vehicles sitting in backyards unable to be repaired because of lack of parts and technical support.

And yet each day hundreds of vehicles are sold by these sellers.  Don't get stuck like thousands of others. Like typical sales people these sellers do what they do--they sell.  And when you receive the product they are done.

BDX is different. We are engineers, technician and manufacturers who have been supporting Chinese vehicles for 20 years.  Yerf Dog went out of business in 2005 and BDX has provided thousands of customers with parts since then. Tomberlin, Carter Brothers, Baja and a host of others are gone and BDX supports these brands.  Parts and tech support is our primary business supporting.  And no other vehicle seller has this.

Lets be very clear if you purchase a $4,000 vehicle from a seller without finding out if they have parts or tech support to support that vehicle, then you are 100% at fault if you cannot get it fixed when it breaks down--and it is going to break down.  And it is your fault your investment sits unused and rotting in your back yard for the next five years.

Yes we support many unsupported vehicles but we are not miracle workers. Polaris sold and/or is currently selling 170RZR UTVs with no replacement engines, no plans for replacement engines and no desire for replacement engine. See Donald's story here where he got stuck and blames us for his failure.  Don't get stuck like Donald.  There are literally thousands of unsupported Chinese vehicles in the USA rotting in backyards. (in the end we were able to design a kit to allow a standard GY6 engine to fit his Polaris RZR170 and everyone was happy).  Donald had to drive all of the way from Maine to Virginia to get this work on to get his vehicle running.  Donald told us that he knows a bunch of people, in Maine, who have these vehicle sitting broken down in their backyards.

If you are looking to buy an off road Chinese vehicle ask the seller these questions: 

1) Do you have phone tech support from real repair people - not assembly people.  Assembly people with a technician label will not be able to help you  very much.  And don't fall for the email tech support scam.  Your email will be forwarded to someone in China and that simply will not work for complex technical problems.. If they do not have real phone tech support DO NOT BUY FROM THEM or you may be stuck!  Our primary expertise for nearly 20 years has been phone technical support for Chinese vehicles as a company of engineers and technicians.

2) Are you in the parts selling business? If they are not in the business of selling replacement parts it could take them months to a year to get your part. Or they could tell you to check eBay or Google.  After all they have no obligation to provide you with parts.  If they have a choice of expending resources on getting you one part or selling a $5,000 UTV to someone else, what do you think they will be doing.  The difference is BDX is in the business of selling parts first for nearly 20 years before we started selling the vehicles.  Selling vehicles is a secondary business for us.

3) Is the engine used in the vehicle used in many other competitors vehicles.  The history of this industry is that manufacturers stay in business 5 to 7 years and are gone.  If they use a unique engine you will likely be stuck.

Don't be a sucker for not asking the critical questions. And tell them why you are not buying a vehicle from them so that they change their bad ways of running a business.

BDX Performance is the ONLY seller of Chinese vehicles in the USA:

  1. Whose primary business is Chinese parts and
  2. Whose primary business is supporting vehicles years after the sale for vehicles that they did not even sell
  3. Who has real live phone tech support with real repair technicians who have helped thousands of customers over the past two decades.  

Nobody else is doing this!!  BDX is literally the only company anyone should be buying Chinese ATV's, go-karts and UTVs from.

"But SuperWhole Products: has a 4.8 rating with 500 reviews."  Yes anyone with cash can buy a bunch of inventory, hire a nice person to be very nice to you on the phone and stick a label of a box and ship you a package quickly.  That is all those 5 star ratings covers.  "I got my go-kart in two days and they were really nice to me"-- 5 stars.  But how about 9 months down the road when it breaks down and you cannot get a part  Now what?  Those ratings dont cover that.  And SuperWhole Products has your money and your 5 star rating and is to sucker someone else.