Troubleshooting Your Go-Kart’s Engine Problems: A Quick Guide

Your go-kart offers you years of karting fun with minimal maintenance. However, sometimes you need to do more than preventive maintenance and deal with some minor engine issues to keep your workhorse running smoothly.

When engine problems occur in your buggy or go-kart, the best course of action is to visit technical buggy experts in South Hill, VA. But if you like to take care of your machine yourself, here are some tips for troubleshooting your go-kart’s engine problems:

The Engine Starts and Stops

If you are able to start your go-kart, but it doesn’t idle and stops, here are a few things that might be causing the problem:

Water in fuel

In most cases, where a go-kart’s engine can start but doesn’t idle for long, there is water in the fuel tank. If there are any signs of water beading around the fuel tank, you will need to empty the tank and carburetor and refill it with pure gas. Also, check your fuel tanks and fuel cap to make sure there aren't any leaks, so it doesn’t happen again.

Dirty air filter

When the kart’s air filter becomes clogged with dirt, the engine struggles to draw air, and as a result, stops. A similar problem occurs when the filter is wet. So, make sure to clean and dry it properly during maintenance.

Loose spark plugs

If the spark plug of your kart is loose or the wire that connects it is loose, the engine may have similar problems. The same occurs when the plug needs replacement. You can easily solve this problem by replacing the plug and ensuring that it is installed correctly. If you face difficulty fitting the plug, better visit a go-kart repair shop in Virginia.

Faulty stop switch

A faulty stop switch can stop the engine when it is idle. You can easily resolve this issue by replacing the stop switch.

The Engine Does Not Idle Until It is Warm

If your go-kart’s engine only goes idle when it is warmed up, the throttle shaft might be damaged. Inspect the shaft for play, and if you observe excessive play, you may need to change it. However, note that the engine may also not be able to idle until it is warm-up if you use an engine oil other than recommended.

Idling too Slowly or Quickly

If the engine is idling too slowly or quickly, you may be able to fix this problem by adjusting the idling speed. You can do this by idling the engine in neutral and loosening or tightening the idle adjustment screw. If you are unsure of the correct RPM, you should visit technical buggy experts in South Hill, VA to avoid further problems.


Your go-kart’s engine problem may be frustrating and hampering your driving experience, but they can easily be resolved without much help from go-kart experts.

In case you need to improve your go-kart’s performance or fix problems, bring it to our go-kart repair shop in Virginia today.