What is a Preferred Customer

We started this business because we had a passion for the sport.  Over the years we befriended hundreds of customers and had long relationships and partnerships with many.  However, over the past 20 years the world changed.  For over a decade I gave thousands of hours of FREE tech support to anyone who called with no obligation to buy anything. At one point I hired two full time technicians just to do tech support for customers. In the 2013 to 16 time frame we noticed more and more people calling for free tech support and then rudely and disrespectfully telling us, "hey thanks, I'll go buy the part from eBay".

We'd see people on forums tell people to call my technicians and get free help and then buy it from Amazon. That's cheating.  The reason Amazon is cheaper is because its some guy in his mom's basement with zero overhead who whose only expense is gas for his 50cc scooter.  Of course he can sell cheaper.  But he cannot help you fix you go-kart when it breaks.  We have technicians who have to feed their families and we have to pay them.

We struggled and grappled with this problem for nearly 10 years not liking the change in the world and being forced to move away from the free tech support.  In the past few years we have still given hundreds of hours of free tech support and befriended hundreds of people but as late as 2022 we still only had a hand full of Google reviews.  Where is the allegiance and loyalty? Where is the love?  We help you.  Why not tell the world about your experience and help us.  Our values are old fashion.  So we developed the preferred customer program.  We help you and you help us and we help you more!!.  

There are several levels of preferred customer:

  • Gold 
  • Silver
  • Platinum

A Gold Preferred Customer Gets:

  • A whopping 25% discount on all parts purchases!
  • A whopping 25% discount on labor!
  • Lifetime free phone tech support!

A Silver Preferred Customer Gets:

  • A 15% discount on all parts purchases!
  • A 15% discount on labor!
  • Two years of free phone tech support!

A Platinum Preferred Customer Gets:

  • A 10% discount on all parts purchases!
  • A 10% discount on labor!
  • One year phone tech support!

Qualifying as Preferred Customer


  • Purchase a vehicle from BDX, a refurb kit or spends more than $2,000
  • Gives a truthful product review regarding the major product you purchased from BDX on the product listing page and other major review venues.
  • Are respectful and listens to the advice our technicians provide and do not abuse our technicians time.


  • Same as above except posts or comments on our Facebook group fairly regularly.. 
  • Usually gives product review when a product is purchased.
  • Participates in our Facebook group periodically commenting on posts or posting pictures of your vehicle, builds, troubleshooting, rides or experiences.  
  • Periodically recommends BDX Performance to others on social media based upon your experience.. .
  • Gives us constructive feedback on what works and does not work well routinely.


  • Same as above except posts, comments or participates in our BDX Facebook group at least weekly and is a major contributor to the group. 
  • Recommends BDX routinely when the opportunity arises, across social media and other GY6, Go-kart, ATV, buggy Facebook groups.  
  • Gives truthful product reviews of BDX each time he or she purchases a product. 
  • Gives us constructive feedback on what works and does not work well routinely.

We see preferred customers as friends that we know on a first name basis that we seek to help.  We see the preferred customers as family.