Yerf Dog Bulkhead Heavy Duty Reinforcement/Repair

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This listing is for services provided by BDX Performance.

Smacked a tree? The front bulkhead of the Yerf Dog GX150 is known for the tabs ripping out upon impact with stationary objects (oops!). If your bulkhead is still intact (only the tabs ripped out) we can repair this and beef this area up at the same time.

What will we do?
- We will reinforce the stock 1/8" tabs with 3/8" thick steel (massive!). This will give up to 1/2" of thickness over original tabs which still exist. The reinforcement spans across on the front and back of the bulkhead box.
- New tabs will be formed from this reinforced steel.
- New longer GRADE 5 A-Arm mounting bolts will be included (the large bolts that secure the A-Arm to the bulkhead.)

If you have stress/fatigue cracks in your bulkhead that aren't at the A-Arm tabs, circle and point to them with a marker on the bulkhead itself. It's not part of the service and not guaranteed, but we'll fix broken stock welds elsewhere on the bulkhead if reasonably possible and if we see them. Be sure to point them out with a marker on the bulkhead itself. We're not thoroughly inspecting the core, we're really just making and welding on the reinforcement plates. And providing the longer bolt hardware.

Service procedure:
1. Order from this web-page.
2. We will email the mailing information with the order confirmation/receipt. (Look towards the bottom of the confirmation email)
3. Send us the bulkhead, and we'll do the rest!