Extra Boxing and Packaging for Your Engine

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For many years we have been frustrated with shipping companies and the handling of customer's engines that we ship.  We have met with UPS many times and had discussions many times.  And we have filed many claims.  We have made it clean that they should never be throwing or dropping our engines and yet they still do.  We are not alone.  All engine sellers struggle with this problem.

We have three options for you to Chose from.  

Option 1: You purchased a new engine.  These engines come in single boxes with styrofoam but this box alone does not provide enough protection against careless shippers.  

Double Boxed and Double Padding Protection for Your Engine

Our best protection against their carelessness is extra packing material..  Engines come standard in a sturdy single box with custom made styrofoam for the GY6 engine.  With this double boxing product we add an extra specially designed box and additional styrofoam.

The first box is placed inside of the second box with additional card board for extra strength in strategic places and additional styrofoam for extra protection.

  • Double boxed with Styrofoam between the two boxes..


This is good packing,  Double boxed with Styrofoam between the two boxes..


Option 2: Rebuilt Engine Packing:  This is for people who send in their engine to be rebuilt.  Almost all engines shipped to us are poorly packed because people do not follow our shipping instructions.  We cannot ship your engine back to you this way and we must pack your engine is a way that will reduces the risk of damage.  With UPS and FedEx there is no guarantee against damage but we can greatly reduce the risk with good packing.

We ship your engine back to you in a specially designed engine box surrounded with at least significant strofoam on all sided in order to prevent damage.  


Option 3: Double Boxing for the 100 pound 300cc engine