150cc GY6 Engine Top End and Transmission Rebuild

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Send us your 150cc engine and we will do a top end rebuild on your engine, replace all transmission parts, test your engine and ship back to you.  We replace the cylinder and piston and refurbish the head if needed and we replace all transmission parts.

A top end rebuild includes:

  • New cylinder 
  • New piston
  • New rings
  • New cylinder gaskets
  • Refurbished Head if needed

Transmission Rebuild:

  • New Variator
  • New Belt
  • New Clutch
  • New Contra Spring

Six Month Warranty

  • This rebuild comes with a six month warranty on the work that we have done.  .

IMPORTANT:  If your engine is well worm, has water in the oil for months or years, has lots of miles on it you WILL need more work done to your engine than this rebuild.  This rebuild is not the best option.  If you purchase this option when we get your engine we will quote you a price to fix all of the other issues. You definitely do not want to do this rebuild and in two months your timing chain stretches and the engine has to be disassembled to put a new timing chain on.  If your engine meets the criteria above you'd be better off getting our 175cc rebuild where all old worn parts are replaced.  

MANDATORY:  If you purchase this rebuild service you must purchase a box and packing material to ship your engine back to you.  Purchase box here -- option 2.  Approximately 50% of the engines shipped to us by customers get damaged because they do not follow our shipping instructions.  Please read the instructions.  We can only ship your engine back to you in a manner that will provide least risk of damage.  Purchase box here -- option 2

Additional charges:  Additional charges may apply in case there is shipping damage or some other issue is discovered with your engine.  Please read the shipping instructions.  If your engine is damaged in shipping or if we discover any additional issues we will notify you immediately with pictures.  Repairing additional items is at the rate of $75 per hour plus parts.  



  • Option 1: American made high performance Uni-Filter air filter ensures clean air to your engine and long life.  See why a NEW Uni-Filter is MANDATORY for ALL new engines and purchase at this link.   Your one year new engine warranty applies only if a new uni-filter is purchased with this engine.  If you don't get a Uni-Filter you are guaranteed to be putting dirt into your clean NEW engine.  Stock air filters do not effectively filter air and are the number one engine killer for GY6 engines.  Don't get an engine without one.  See Details


  • Option 2:  BDX High Performance Racing Transmission and Gates Powerlink Belt Click here to see detail or add to your order..  If you add this option the parts will installed into your new engine. A Performance Transmission is the difference between a sluggish, slow and inefficient go-kart and a peppy, speedy and powerful go-kart that utilizes the full power of the engine.  See details

  • Option 3: The BDX A12 Cam Shaft changes the power profile of your GY6 engine  to provide the optimal balance for both low end grunt and top end speed.  If you purchase the A12 Cam Shaft it will be installed and tested in your new engine.


  • Option 4: 11 Pole Stator, rectifier and harness adapter.  With this option you get more power to run your lights and other accessories.  If you get this option it will be installed and tested in your engine--Click Here.  The engine comes stock with an 8 pole stator.  A few small number of vehicles require an 11 pole stator.  Call before ordering if you 

  • Option 5: Performance Exhaust:  You can get the BDX performance exhaust for any of the engines above for an estimated 10% to 15% increase in raw power--see video!.  Your stock exhaust is restricting your power because the exhaust gases are being squeezed out through a tiny hole.  The BDX Performance Exhaust fixes that.  If you get a performance engine without the performance exhaust you will be restricting some of that NEW powerTo see details or add the exhaust to your order click here.  Or see our video to see what this increased horsepower looks like in a race click here.

Additional Warranty Information:
On internal reverse engines we do not warranty the reverse part of the engine because we are not rebuilding that.  If you want it rebuilt or if it is defective and you pay to get it rebuilt then we do warranty it just like the rest of the engine.