Repairs for Your Vehicle

You have purchased a complex mechanical-electrical motorized vehicle.  This means that it will break down sooner or later.  And when it breaks down you must have a plan.  

We provide technical support to help you with repairs.  However, any technician working from a distance will have severe limitations. And we will have to rely on you or your mechanics technical competence and communications skills.

Poor communications on your part could keep us chasing our tails for days and weeks.  As an example we had a fellow who received a new golf cart.  He could not get it to start.  We worked though the schematics for 3 days trying different things.    He eventually happen to mention two connectors that did not have anything plugged into them.  Our technician said wait what did you say?  Come to find out the CPU was not plugged in. He said, oh I took a picture of that but forgot to send it to you.  We sent him a new CPU.  At times he was upset and rude making false accusations about us not shipping the CPU.  He once claimed that we had not shipped it.  Come to find out it was in his mail box.

A few days later, as we assembled vehicles in our facility, we discovered that the carts were being shipped with the CPU packed with other parts.  The rude customer had thrown away his CPU mixed in with packing material.  And after all of this trouble that he put us through because of his errors there was no apology nor remorse.

Poor communications, jumping too conclusions, being rude and assuming the problem is our problem can slow us helping you and will get you put on a list of people that we don't want to talk to.  We like to keep relationships friendly and good since we expect to have a long term relationship with you.

All of this being said everyone makes mistakes and all products have some level of defects.  Most people are not aware but the largest failure period for ALL products, produced by all manufacturers, is the initial first use.  Contrary to popular opinion any product you get from any store in the world, you are more likely going to have a failure on your first usage, than at any other time.  This does not mean that you got a lemon.  Even if the new defective failure is 0.01% and the success rate is 99.99%, out of 1,000 or 10,000 people, some people are going get new defectives.  If this happens don't panic.  We have a process to work through issues.

For all products the second highest failure period is the first 30 days, and the next highest failure period is the 2nd 30 days and the next highest failure rate is the 3rd 30 days.  So again the highest failure rate is when the product is new and the newer the higher failure rate.

Engine Issues:  We have the most capable Chinese vehicle engine department in the USA.  We sell nearly a 1,000 engines each year.  We build compete engines from new parts.  We rebuild wore out engines.  If your vehicle is still under warranty and an engine, transmission or reverse issue develops you will work with one of our engine technicians to trouble shoot the problem.  Technical problems are difficult to troubleshoot over the phone but many problems can be solved this way depending upon your communications and technical skills.  If we are not able to get the problem resolved you will need to pull the engine and ship it to us.

We want people buying a vehicle online to be realistic.  Even through the probability is very low of you having a warranty problem, please factor the following into your buying decision: 1) That you may have a problem before or after the warranty. 2) If you have a problem either you get the vehicle to us and we repair or we provide the parts and you do the repair yourself. 3) Or you send the problem assembly, such as engine, to us for us to evaluate and repair. 4) The probability is low of a problem during warranty but warranty issues will happen to some small percentage. 5) There is no return of vehicles once the shipping crate is opened.  6) If you don't have repair skills or tools and you cannot get the vehicle to us for repair, then you'll have to find someone who can do the work for you. 7) Repairs at a distance by phone can be challenging and you'll need to be patient especially since it may be something that is your fault. 8) though we carry thousands of parts in stock, in the event that we dont have a part in stock it make a few weeks to get the part sent from the factory.

The vehicles that we sell are great but please factor in all of the above when deciding whether or not to get a vehicle.  And please remember this when and if you have a problem.