Tech Support

BDX Performance offers technical support from real technicians who work on go-karts, ATV's, scooters, side-by-sides, GY6 engines and other engines everyday.  Over the years BDX Performance personnel have given out thousands of hours of FREE technical support.  Around 2015 we noticed that people would call and get free tech support for one or two hours and then tell us thanks I am going to go purchase those parts from Amazon. Well how are we suppose to feed our children?  We even saw on forums people advise other people to call us, get free tech support and then purchase from eBay.   Free tech support had worked for ten years but was becoming dysfunctional.  The bad trend grew to the point where it helped to kill one on our businesses and if we did not change would also threatened BDX Performance.  

    The other issue is many people with problems with their vehicle are like a drowning person desperately reaching for help and latching on to whoever or whatever will save them.  We have had people spend $50 or $100 but then are on the phone with techs off and on for 10 hours over a couple month period.  This means we lost money.  Nobody can stay in business nor feed their family losing money.  Nobody can work for free.  

    We also noticed the contrast when we began repairing vehicles.  The same tech who just worked on a vehicle for a local customer for $80 per hour just spent an hour on the phone helping another customer for free.  We thought why is the local customer subsiding the customer on the phone? And why does one customer have to pay for the technician's time and the other get it free?

    And a final point when you go to your job you expect to be paid for the work that you do and the time that you spend.  We are no different than you.  We one buys a part from the autoparts store nobody expected unlimited tech support on installing.

    All of the above caused us to re-evaluate our tech support practice and policy and formalize things.  If you have a technical question please follow the process below:

    1) Go to our BDX Group and BDX Page and join the group.  Do a search on the topic that you have.

    2)  If you do not see any relevant information post a comment on the BDX Performance group explaining your issue and asking for help.  There are hundreds of riders who will help you and we, here at BDX, also monitor and respond on the group.

    3) Visit the Buggy Depot technical center by clicking here.  These are the most accurate and best articles on buggies and GY6 vehicles.  BDX Performance is NOT affiliated with Buggy Depot.

    4) If you still need help you can purchase tech support from BDX Performance click here.

    We do offer free tech support for some situations:

  • If you have purchased a vehicle from us.
  • If you purchase one of our BDX or custom products - 30 minutes
  • If you purchase an engine - 30 minutes
  • If you spend more than $500 - 30 minutes
  • If you spend more than $1000 - 60 minutes
  • If you spend more than $1500 - 90 minutes
  • and 30 minutes for each additional $500 spent

  • In thinking about tech support please remember that we only have two technicians.  And there are hundreds of thousands of buggy riders and millions of GY6 owners.  If we do not put some process in place, so that we can pay and hire more technicians, we can  literally drown in tech support calls.