0.75 Liter Master Cylinder Air Pressure Fluid Bleed Tool Pneumatic Vacuum Brake and Clutch Bleeder Kit

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Vacuum Brake and Clutch Bleeder Kit, 0.75 Liter – Master Cylinder 90–120 PSI Air Pressure Fluid Bleed Tool

  • Quick Brake Bleeding---Brake oil bleeding tool works with your 90-120 PSI air compressor to quickly sucks out waste oil and air, while refill new oil into the whole brake systems. Easier than an inconvenient hand pump and make your work more efficient and faster.
  • Universal & High quality---High quality plastic adapter and durable metal adapter through strict quality inspection, stable and durable. It can be widely applicated, you can easily use it on motorcycle, car, and truck. Meet all your needs!
  • Excellent Air Tightness---It is tightly sealed by barb hose fitting for connecting the bleeder screw joint and bleeding hose. Corrosion-proof and high strength plastic bottle make long-term use without leaking
  • Easy to Use---The Innovative pneumatic vacuum bleed tool kit is so convenient that one man can fully complete the work. The oil filler bottle has a long screw with a valve, works with a right adapter to stuck on the brake fluid reservoir, no manual support required. And the new oil will flow into reservoir as soon as open the valve, and when the lever of the oil in the reservoir reach the screw, the flow will be stop, there is no need to keep an eye on the oil level.
  • Includes: 1x 1L waste oil bottle,1x 0.75L new oil filler bottle, 3x air quick plugs (1pc Japanese style, 1pc European style, 1pc American style), 2x Spare black suction nipple, 4x Master cylinder adapters