Golf Cart Rim - Heavy Duty (used)

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Bolt pattern 100mm or 4 inches as measured across the center of the hole.

  • Bolt pattern 4x4".  This means measured across the center hole they measure 4" on center.
  • 3" offset from edge rim to the bolt holes
  • 7.25" width.  This means they will fit any tire where the center number is 9 to 11 inches in width.  20x10x10, or 21x9x10 or 22x11x10.
  • Golf cart tires came off of these rims that were 205/50R10
  • Have installed several of these rims on lawnmowers with 20×10×10 tires
  • This is a heavy duty rim weighing 8+ pounds each.

These rims were used on Tomberlin Golf Carts and came off of units returned to the factory..  These tires came off of this rim.  

You will receive one of the two rims pictured below.