150cc Go-Kart Hub Bearing Kit for 3.5" Axle

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Fits Hubs with the 3.5" axle length on the spindle-strut assemble.  For earlier models with the 4.5" axle you will need this bearing kit.

No need in replacing the entire hub just because your bearing wore out.  Just replace the bearings.


  • Carter Talon 150cc (not 250cc)
  • Twister Hammerhead - 536-1003 (not the early models-measure your axle length.)
  • Blazer- 2010028250GH01-2010027250GH01
  • American Sportsworks
  • TrailMaster - 2.000.028-2.000.027 150cc, 250cc and 300cc go-karts

IMPORTANT: Measure your axle length.


  • 2 smaller bearings
  • 2 larger bearings