232cc GY6 Go-Kart Engine with Internal Reverse

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Finally a GY6 232cc Engine
for Your GY6 150 or 170cc Buggy

Regardless of what GY6 buggy you own this engine will fit with our bolt-on with our adapter Kit - click here.   

This engine comes stock with a 67mm big bore cylinder and piston and an 8.0mm high performance stroker crank. 

Fits the following go-karts with the kit above: 

  • Kandi - Direct Fit
  • Trailmaster - Bolt-on fit
  • Twister Hammerhead internal reverse - Bolt-on fit
  • Dazon with internal reverse engine - Bolt-on fit
  • Fangpower - Bolt-on fit
  • Dongfang - Bolt-on fit
  • Kinroad internal reverse - Bolt-on fit

External or No Reverse Buggies made 2010 and before.  You will need a new axle or you will need to relocate your axle sprocket hub over by putting it on a lathe, cutting the weld, moving to new location and rewelding.  You will also need the reverse shifting package and chain tensioner.

  • Yerf Dog Spiderbox (you'll now have reverse)
  • Blade
  • Kinroad
  • Carter Talon
  • Twister hammerhead
  • Yellow Tomberlin Crossfire (you'll now have reverse)
  • Maxxam
  • The engine in this listing is an actually 232cc engine (no rounding).  Others list this as a 250cc engine.  Comes stock with a 67mm big bore cylinder and piston and 8 mm stroker crank.
  • Comes with a 18 pole stator, compared to your stock engine 8 pole stator, for more power for lights and other accessories.
  • Oil cooled engine