BDX Go-Kart Performance Exhaust DIY Kit

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You get everything that you need to make your own custom performance exhaust.  All you have to do it bend the tubing as you desire.  This tubing is much thicker than the stock exhaust that came on your vehicle and is easier to weld without burning through the tubing.

This exhaust can be used on:

  • Buggies, Go-Karts, ATV's, UTV's
  • Scooters
  • Motorcycles
Product includes: (photo below to be updated)
  • Exhaust
  • Reducer
  • Hanger with hardware
  • Sound baffle
  • 2 feet of tubing for making your header pipe
  • Engine flange
  • Exhaust flange
  • Springs, clamp and hardware

You will also get instructions on how to assemble in order to weld.

Purchase of Spark Arrestor recommended.