BDX Harness and Electrical Components Kit

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  • Engine Harness
  • Chassis Harness
  • Auto Choke Control Resistor
  • Solenoid
  • Ignition Coil
  • AC CDI
  • 4 Pin Rectifier

Chassis Harness and Engine Harness



Output Coil

 Auto Choke


  • CDI

  • Stator

  • Trigger & CDI Power

  • Ignition Coil

  • Rectifier

  • Autochoke

  • Autochoke Resistor

  • Fuseholder

  • Chassis Connector


The original harness hardwired the solenoid to the harness. Hardwiring was good for suppliers, bad for you. Forcing you to buy a whole harness any time you need to replace the solenoid. Our harness has the standard solenoid connector. 


Our wire stock is sourced from right here in the USA. We use nothing less than 16ga copper multi-stranded automotive wire, which meets or exceeds specifications for GM, Chrysler and Ford. BDX wiring products are built to last and perform as expected for years.

  • Plug-n-Play
  • Standard Fit
  • USA Automotive Wire
  • Durable Mesh Sheath
  • Runs from the front of the engine to the headlights, switches, etc.
  • Complete chassis section
  • Also works on most other buggies and some UTV's
  • 100% American made wire and components and made in the USA
  • Wire has UV protection to prevent wire breakage and intermittent failures over time.
  • Harness 100% manufactured in our facility in VA in the USA.