BDX Heavy Duty Engine Mount/Chain Tensioner

BDX Heavy Duty Engine Mount/Chain Tensioner

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BDX Heavy Duty Engine Mount / Chain Tensioner for Yerf Dog GX150. This tensioner is guaranteed against breakage for life.



If this chain tensioner breaks on your Yerf Dog we'll send you a brand new replacement or repair free of charge!


Comes with three nuts, and washers, and rubber dampener. Manufactured with a heavy duty grade 8 bolt guaranteed not to break.

The original chain tensioner is known to fatigue and over time break during riding. Failure of the stock chain tensioner will strand you on the trails, and can cause damage to the muffler and other parts as the rear of the engine to slams down towards the axle. Prevent this from happening with our BDX HD Chain Tensioner.

Others claim to be selling identical chain tensioners as our BDX units. This is not true and is a ploy to get your business using our good name. Our tensioner is heavier, allows more adjusting ability of the chain when upgrading rear sprockets, and comes with a LIFETIME Guarantee. This is the last tensioner you will EVER need!


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