BDX Heavy Duty Yerf Dog Spiderbox Swing Arm

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The BDX Heavy Duty Yerf Dog Spiderbox Swing Arm is currently in design.  We are taking pre-orders.  First come first serve.  There are thousands of Yerf Dogs out there with cracking swing arms.  Be the first to order and get yours first.

Pictured is a stock Yerf Dog swing arm. The swing arm pictured is not the BDX one that we will be manufacturing.  This is an old swing arm.

The BDX swing arm:

  • Is beefier and has more rigidity due to thicker materials it's made out of
  • Has the bearing / axle mounts moved back further to allow space for the 232cc engine.
  • Has the shock mounts relocated for better shocks
  • Comes unpainted

Estimated 3 week lead times.  Be sure to ask the lead time when you order.